Wednesday, December 9, 2015

No rush for new project

With my new dark fantasy works, I really don't have what I'd call a sense of 'Urgency' at all in terms of a timeline of completion. This is something definitely different for me since I enjoy completing works as much as I do creating them, period. I have actually planned out a timeline that seems enormous for most, but when you consider the hectic work schedule of my life, it may or may not pass as simply as an hour would. Considering that this specific work is far larger and grander than any other project I have ever worked on before, I definitely want to make sure that the finished project is something so enticing that whole world will take notice!
With a project so large, you begin to find value in the adage 'Piece by piece, one can move mountains'.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

No 'Off' season for writers

In writing, as in with life, if your goal is to be the bringer of masterpiece creations, it might suit you best to realize that there is definitely not an off season, if you will. Far too many times I have seen would-be writers create one book, be it a novel or compilation, and have the rest of their creative efforts run stale. I consider this the equivalent of composing one song in music and fancying one's self a musician. Writers write, regardless if they've just completed the greatest story ever told or one that nobody is ever going to see, ever. If you fancy yourself a writer, you must also consider yourself a well-spring of creativity. Endless ideas and a non-stop work ethic to put those imaginings to paper should be second nature and, to myself, that priority is the sole difference between those whose works are remembered and revered, and those that are not.
If your sole purpose for being a writer is to simply concoct one lone tale or novel, your no different that someone who wants to act in one movie, or sitcom and declare themselves an actor. Quantity, plus a excellent standard of quality in all one's works, speaks volumes.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Dark Fantasy/Horror Connection

Even though it's not in my taste to branch out of my specialty of traditional horror, that does not mean that I am not a fan of other certain genres. The Fantasy genre in particular comes to mind quite specifically as one of my favorites. The Arthurian Mythos of Pre-Saxon U.K. I have found mystifying since childhood and the works of writers like Tolkien and C.S. Lewis also consider reverence.
That being said, I believe there are many subtle connections and similarities between Dark Fantasy and Horror. When you look at the folklore of such oddities as Ghouls and Ogres, they are very similar to elves and fairies except they were usually regarded as villainous.
Being one month removed from completing my last Novella 'Beyond Obsession', I have decided to branch out of Traditional Gothic Horror, yet I still desire to keep the same context of what makes my writing unique. My next project is going to involve a literary figure who has been seen in several mythologies from across the Atlantic yet has had almost no specifics in regards to its origins, namely  the Goblin.
Though specifically in a Fantastical setting, I still plan to include all infamous traits of Horror and create a fairy tale best suited for those almost as twisted as I am!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Halloween to All!!

Again, the greatest holiday worth ever mentioning has again come to pass. Even though it is horribly soiled with monotonous commercialism, I tend to remember it as it was once practiced in ancient times. Back then, Celtic druid priests would actually sacrifice a virginal youth(either male, or Female) to appease their plethora of Gods for a plentiful harvest that spring. It was widely believed in the Dark Ages that Halloween was the one day a year the veil between the dimensions of the living and of the dead would fade and the dead, be they saint or infernal, would be able to walk upon the Earth.
Imagine that! If the dead can walk aming us, would it not be fascinating to also be able to walk among them as well?
The original name of Halloween comes from the term 'All Hallows Eve' or the day before the Christian holiday All Hallows Day. Before it was included in any Christian terminology, it was known as the Celtic word 'Samhain'.
While I thoroughly enjoy playing dress up, the custom of trick'or treating rather bores me. But, if you throw any ancient ritual(from any origin, it doesn't matter) into the fray, I become just as giddy as the toddlers in their store-bought costumes.
That said, I wholeheartedly wish the whole world an exciting and magical night!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'Beyond Obsession' Finally complete!!

After two months, three weeks and one day I have successfully completed my 32nd short story, even though its more like a novella in length, 'Beyond Obsession.' The themes of this particular story, plus the last two novels I completed, are so different from each other by comparison.When I look back on it, This particular one flowed like the Nile in terms of the easing of putting pen to paper, I cannot tell you how undeniably grateful that makes me; For anyone who has ever attempted to write a story can attest to how frustrating it can be to deal with writers block. All in all, a very pleasant experience and still the heart of a certain matter remains: What direction do I take now? Through the entire time I was working on this story that very question beguiled me and in truth I really don't know. I have now been writing for the better part of fourteen years and even though life can indeed be unpredictable, the passion for my craft is far from jaded. As I begin to type the story out(I always do my rough drafts the old fashioned way:Pen to paper), I have to look at those who's lust for the craft has escaped them, and, if you're a writer such as I, such a condition is almost equal to doom. If I can have my way, I'll be writing horror stories forever. I can only hope that life itself abides my decision!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bad Seed of the Day: Delphine Lalaurie

I'm going to start depicting certain historical figures here and there who are obviously interesting enough to write about here but a bit too obscure to follow through with in terms of, let's say, a novel. Today, I'm choosing a woman who was essentially a socialite and because of her malice and cruelty became a notorious historical figure.
Delphine Lalaurie was came from a prominent New Orleans family. She had been married three times and had three daughters. Having a fondness for social gatherings, it was at a party she threw in April 10, 1834 that a fire broke out and brought to light everything that she had well hidden under the guise of societal pretense. Delphine, it seemed was a closet sadist. Many of her slaves had been found mutilated in the worst sort of ways. As legend proposes, some had their arms and legs broken to resemble the appendages of crabs. Some were chained in sort of upstairs 'Dungeon' where, once you went to, you didn't return from. There, women supposedly had their genitals mutilated and were repeatedly beat and flogged and men had their eyes gouged out, all while being chained to a wall.
According to eye witness accounts, it was the firefighters who witnessed the thick of the horror and horrific it was: Some slaves intestines were cut from their bodies and nailed to the floor, some were required to wear a very large spiked iron collars, one even had the feces of animals stuffed into their mouth while having their lips sewn shut.
The fire itself was set deliberately by a old woman who acted as a cook as a suicide attempt because she was too afraid to go 'up there'. 
As news of her secret became apparent, Delphine and her third Husband and children all fled in disgrace, and to avoid mob violence, to Paris, France and it is highly believed that she died there of natural causes. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ah...The Coming of Autumn!

Alas, my favorite season has once again graced us. I really don't have enough good things to say about the Autumn season. The change in the weather, the Holiday of Halloween, The vibrant colors of spring slowly beginning to fade. It's magical. Yet, for the longest time, I really can't remember a year where my Halloween celebration wasn't anything more than just working on a short story or novel and passing out candy to a handful of teenagers. To me, Halloween is a pagan tradition that goes far beyond the simple act of handing out treats. It reverts back to a time where the general belief in magic was far beyond the nihilistic societal norms we have today. It also signifies a time where people had the ability to have a lot more amusement then we do today, as well.
I can't really help the morbid thoughts I've had for so long of attending a macabre masquerade ball or some sort of graveyard seance where I actually dance with ghosts and ghouls.
During Halloween nowadays, the best one can do is go to a club where the music they parlay too is so terrible it makes you want to go back home. It also gives notion to hooligans who use this sacred holiday as an excuse to become severely inebriated and obnoxious, like they cannot achieve such a thing on any other day?
Halloween most assuredly reinforces my own philosophy that if one wants to have a truly pleasurable experience, one has to provide it for themselves. Their own way and on their own terms.
Even still, I can't wait for it!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Necessity of Routine?

When you really think about it, anyone involved in the creation process professionally probably doesn't have a whole lot of time on their hands. The rewards that succeeding in such a lifestyle can definitely be enticing yet most of those who do just that rarely indulge and the reason, at least to me, is quite obvious. Believe it or not, most of the people who are paid to write, act, a most routine lifestyle. It usually involves long hours of dedicated development to their craft, research, and the striving for the perfected
finished product whatever it may be. To the hordes of masses looking in on them from the outside it must resemble nothing but fun and play, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the aforementioned professionals regard their passions with the utmost seriousness and all of them come to the realization rather quickly that there truly is no off season with the creative world. So, no matter how mundane a routine lifestyle may seem to most people, to those involved with the creation process, it is most necessary indeed!

Monday, August 31, 2015

R.I.P Wes Craven

I was very sad to find out that horror film director Wes Craven passed away yesterday. I don't know of a horror film fan alive that can't appreciate his contributions to the genre. I, myself, grew up watching several of his films from the original 'Nightmare on Elm Street' to the 'People under the Stairs'. Equally saddening to myself is the fact that aside from a few die hard fanatics the tragic event hardly made headlines. Yet, perhaps that is the true beauty of Horror: It's not meant to be enjoyed by everyone and to those it is appreciated by, it is revered indeed. With my favorite genre losing so many of its contributors, it is up to the next generation to keep the banners held high for I feel it is a tradition well worth keeping!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Halfway finished with new story

After about a month of writing nonstop, I'm halfway finished with my new story 'Beyond Obsession'. The process with the new story is quite the same as every other I have ever written. A lot of Vivid imagery fills my mind and I do my best to transfer that imagery to paper via writing utensil. While I write anything, I do my utmost to stay mentally stimulated and ward off the demon that is boredom at every turn. After I'm finished writing this story, not that I know when that will be, the next step I take as far as writing goes is a complete mystery to me.  I have been looking for publishing companies to send my novels, all three of them, to and I am still awaiting the horror website 'Creepypasta' to review a few of my stories as well.  Perhaps, the future itself is not for me to know, but I feel the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

'Others' can definitely disappoint

It's an absolute fact: I am a creature of ambition. So, when I look forward to getting a lot of plans accomplished you could say I get a tad disappointed when any sort of obstacle hinders them. Especially when such obstacles are the actions and attitudes of others. Needless to say, we've all been there before. Some project we've been working on, or some lifelong dream we've set to complete that had to depend on someone else contributing something, anything. When those parties involved act as though they are indifferent, it can be rather frustrating indeed and gives good merit to the phrase 'If you want something done correctly, you have to do it yourself' . I wonder how many writers in particular cashed in their chips on their craft when dealing with a difficult publisher, reviewer, clerk at the copyright office, the list is endless. Perhaps it is true what Thonas Edison said a long time ago 'Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits'.
I truly hope it was

Friday, July 31, 2015

Love of Death

Death and love, or should I say love and death. Those are the main themes of my new short story entitled 'Beyond Obsession'. I once read about the serial killer, Ed Gein, and of his fascination of not only necrophilia, but also of literally dancing with the dead while under a pale moon in his towns local cemetery. The imagery I recalled stayed in my mind for sometime. I also remember reading about a strange German scholar and his relationship with a Cuban woman that stayed strong even after she caught Tuberculosis and died. So strong it was, he actually mummified her corpse to almost pristine condition and would act as if she was still living!
Perhaps it takes a rather macabre mind to make sense out of either of those scenarios, then again perhaps not. Both of those subjects are rather usual in the tale that is human existence. And, quite honestly, they don't seem all that different from each other.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Getting Stuck

I liken the progression most writers have to make when creating not only masterful works but careers and private lives as well to the fable of the three mice that fell into the bucket of cream. Rarely do they get any progress without feeling as though they're dragging the weight of the world behind them.  You'll find a good number of them rarely indulge in social events and even fewer still have any free time, period. The more technologically advanced the world becomes, it would seem that there are fewer and fewer opportunities for them.
I can't think of a time when writing, especially when starting a new story when I didn't feel stuck in the mud. After so many similar circumstances happen upon you, you begin to question the very fabric of life itself. Yet, even still, I can't find within me one suitable excuse for giving up quite yet.
So, for myself, a question begs the mind, 'What direction do I take now?' And still, any adequate answer eludes me. But perhaps, as I've always stated before in similar circumstances, the solution lies within. Until I'm a worm feast it's probably always gonna be this way so, in that sense, let me give credence to an old Russian proverb
'The hammer shatters glass, but forges steel'

Monday, June 29, 2015

Starting anew

My time in the pacific Northwest has been encapsulating. I visited the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, trekked through thick forests, tasted the cuisine of Portland, and visited an age-old cemetery. Yet, once again, I find myself off my original intention of walking to and fro upon the Earth and back to my old stomping ground of San Diego. Again, the familiar imagery is twisting my mind and forcing my hand to put pen to paper. This time around I'm going to resort to my original means of writing and shall concoct a short story. One concerning the subjects of death, devotion, and pain.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

R.I.P Christopher Lee

With regret, I bid farewell to one of the horror icons of any generation. I grew up watching Christopher Lee. His onscreen presence was purely mystical and I feel that no one today is even comparable in any sense to the contributions he delivered, especially for the horror genre. I remember the first film I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Lee, 'The Howling 2: You're Sister is a Werewolf'. 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula' followed as well as all the of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. It is truly saddening to see that all of the icons that were so integral in my childhood are leaving us, and the world truly is a bit lesser as a result.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Another chapter awaits

'And so it begins' goes the saying that often precedes an important journey that eventually all must make in the hectic labyrinth of life. I take upon myself a path few would venture all in the name of what I consider to be the true value of existence: experience. Show me a life where the beholder simply has a wealth of unequaled memories at their disposal and I declare such a life was well lived. One of my many critiques of society in general is that most people put a calloused emphasis on the acquirement of goods as the main reason for existing and whether one life was supposedly higher in importance than another. As for myself, I feel maximizing personal potential goes much further in developing an actual purpose for life, something so many lack.
So, come what may, I set out to collect what I feel matters most: memories.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Third Novel finally completed!

Alas, another page turned in the fascinating life of a writer! I have just completed my third novel "Homage to Baphomet". One thing that captures my fancy is how similar in length this particular book was in relation to my two previous ones. And just like the other two, it basically wrote itself. From the beginning to the the end, the whole process was a complete mystery for me yet the theme of the book, an actual historical object that the Knights Templar were accused of sacrilegiously worshiping, continues to inspire me. One thing is definite, when one makes the decision to write a novel and carries with that decision all the way till the end of it speaks volumes about their fortitude. For any writer knows, an easy partaking it is not! The demands of everyday living alone are enough to throw such a project by the wayside for some time unless you are completely resilient! One thing that works for me is simply consistency. I try to make sure that I take at least three to four hours everyday to work on it no matter what else is going on around me.
Now, another question begs to be asked: 'What happens now?' and the answer to that remains a mystery at least for me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Almost 13,000 views!

Salutations and gratitude to you all! I am grateful to say that the page views on my blog are only a bit under 13,000. When you consider that the average blog only gets somewhere between 50-500, that number is astronomical! I do hope I have been able to entertain you with my own expression of the BEST genre in anything, Horror!! I also wish to prod forward with my darkened vision to give to you all the very purpose why I started writing in the first place which is to nominally trump the masqueraders and keep the tradition of horror very much alive. It is my goal to make sure that one day Horror is as popular a genre as comedy, action, drama, or any other times ten. And I truly appreciate all of you who are assisting me with that passion!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Rituals are a subject that have beyond fascinated me my whole life. So many questions abound about them: Where do they originate from? Do they really work? What are they key elements in performing them? Do negative influences occur while performing them?
Though I can't answer all those particular questions, I believe they were a key part of life for ancient man. A direct emphasis was placed on pleasing what man believed were Omnipotent beings, Gods if you will. How most people perform them today, I feel, dates back to the Ancient Romans and Egyptians. For example: The black shrouds and repetitive chanting many Neo-Pagans and Occultists adhere to comes from ancient rites the Romans used to garner favor from their vast array of Gods. Sacrificing animals was also part of their ceremonies. The use of Altars for rituals probably dates all the way to Ancient Sumer, the very first civilization. Egypt, I feel, was unique because they adopted a more scientific approach in both worshiping their Gods and the way they buried their dead.
Today, even though most would disagree with me, I feel they have just as much to offer in terms of human assistance than they did back then. Essentially, they are pageantry used for the attainment of some sort of worldly material, or assistance with the outcome of some sort of event.
I, myself, am not sure what are the best methods for them. I feel they, like everything else, are subject to interpretation. Whatever one believes will work for them just might deliver the goods. And that, I feel, is the one key element man must provide to make them work: Belief.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Priorities, Priorities

In the world of writing, I've noticed the priorities of us are definitely not all the same. The vast majority of writers I have come across always misconstrue the order in which any form of success comes to them. It's my honest opinion, even though I'm absolutely not what I, myself, would consider the pinnacle of success, that results always start with the creation of interest, interest creates demand, and demand dictates success. You cannot experience the sort of success so many writers seek(world travels, millions of adoring fans, limitless funds, exuberant lifestyle)without adhering to such a principle. I find it quite laughable when I see so many would-be writers live as if they are beyond what it is they seek without so much as one hundredth of a result provided. I see them indulging in substances, procrastinating, and touting their own ego as if they've already outsold the greatest of our own generations. Priority usually balances out such disastrous choices. If it's fame and fortune(the main reasons so many of us write in the first place)one wants, work must come first. Where would DaVinci be if he decided 'Mona Lisa' wasn't at the top of his priority list, or Michelangelo not keeping the Sistine Chapel his number one focus point?
 It's usually very simple to tell the difference between great writers and mediocre ones: One has only the principle of passion as their guide, the others want the rewards that sort of passion provides.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Horror Critics should be Horror fans!

I, myself, am extremely wary of critics, especially when it comes to critics of horror. I have heard several times of books of certain genre's being reviewed by those who, in fact, were not even fans of the genre. I find the whole notion of such an opinion biased to say the least. Only horror fans should be able to properly judge any work of horror! And why such people waste their time giving their exaggerated opinions is beyond anyone's comprehension. Perhaps the genre they favor has no time for their point of view, therefore, such judgments are indeed worthless!
If anyone is to lower themselves to the position of critic, which is one of the few positions which anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can achieve, it would do well for them to at least achieve it in a genre they actually can find favor with.
Those critical of horrors works should be horror fans themselves!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Would be Writers BEWARE!!

Doing some research the other day, I came across certain happenings that are both absolutely repulsive and fairly commonplace in the publishing field. Every writer, no matter the genre, should familiarize themselves with the phrase 'Vanity Press'. These are would-be publications that fancy themselves as legitimate publishing bodies and the practices they commit on a regular basis should be considered illegal, in my honest opinion. First, there's the bogus letters they send any aspiring author who's ever copyrighted anything with dubious claims of publishing simply because they're expecting such a writer to think with emotion and excitement rather than with logic.
Then, there's the claims of no fees or costs being involved when in all actuality, once they get you to sign a contract, they can, and have, charged up to $11,000.00 to basically do nothing except steal the rights to someone's book. Once they have rights to your book they legally do not have to compensate you with either payment, royalties, or even the use of YOUR name.
The best way to avoid these con men is to remember a very simple rule that if YOU have to pay anything for a publisher, they are not legitimate in the truest sense of the word. A publisher pays you for your work, not the other way around.
The companies that I came across with the most such complaints by so many that had been, in the parlance of our times, 'Ripped Off' by them were:
1).Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc
3). Whitmore Publishing

Such a reality makes the already daunting task of becoming a writer seem even more improbable. But, If you know what to look out for, the dream can still become a reality. As for myself, such fools will never come close to dampening my passions.
As I've always said 'If something sounds too good to be true, chances are it is!!'

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Second part of Third Novel almost done!

With the second part of my third novel 'Homage to Baphomet' nearing completion, to say I'm thrilled doesn't do my true feelings justice. It was only a little while ago that I swore to myself that I would not waste my time with novels and now I'm working on my third, my how the world changes. With this particular novel I have gone back to the core of my interests and have swayed away from anything that doesn't completely resemble the meat and potatoes of my own interpretations regarding horror. Murder, torture, and ritual sacrifice are the main themes consisting with it. Like every book I have done, I did not have the luxury of a concrete idea when starting it, so the ending to myself will be as much of a mystery to those awaiting it. Hopefully, It delivers!

Monday, March 9, 2015

On the subject of Human Will

Its very revealing of our societal value system when we realize how much emphasis is placed on both intellectual and physical capabilities. While both of those elements are indeed important to a degree, in my opinion they both pale in comparison to an aspect of human nature that is usually highly overlooked: The subject of Human will. I find this subject fascinating for so many reasons I can hardly touch on all of them with one simple blog post. This element which is present in all of us yet utilized by so very few can truly make the difference between mere mortals and demigods! I cannot stress how many times I have personally seen people who were talented, physically gifted, and blessed with brilliant intellect throw in the towel in the game of life when fortune turned sour. I cannot recall how many of them fell prey to afflictions so base as substance abuse and never recovered or waste their potential other ways. Yet, take a simple soul with fortitude and determination that is unequally resilient, chances are good they WILL accomplish whatever they set their minds to. In our society we have 'Experts' and 'Specialists' that range in every subject one can imagine, but I'd be hard pressed to find one expert on the subject of Willpower, or one who even mentions it. One name does come to mind though, as far as a pioneer that stressed the importance of it. A man who died years ago.

Aleister Crowley was a rather controversial figure. His name was associated with a wide range of taboo subjects. Sexual deviancy, black magic rituals, and indulgence were just a few. However, his life study was Thelema, or Human Will. His comprehensive findings on the subject could rival any college professor quite easily. It was Crowley that first stated that will was much more important than physical attributes, which fade completely through time, or intellectual capabilities. Considering that basically no one has gone into severe depth on the subject since Crowley, I'd say the man was way ahead of his of time.
 Nevermore was there a more true statement made:Where there's a will, there's a way!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Life's unexpected turns

It's most amusing when life takes a turn one will least expect. I will very soon find myself on a perpetual traveling adventure that's ending will be every bit a mystery as its beginning has been.So, me having writing being just as much a  necessity as breathing is, I intend to document the most meaty tidbits of my experiences on no other than this blog. Having already traveled across the Atlantic over four times and previously lived in two different states than I am right now, I'm no stranger to traveling. To say I'm excited is a definite understatement. After all, more than anything, I'm a collector of memories!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Labeling fictional works as 'True'.

Many times throughout history, certain authors(I won't be specific on names, they know who they are)have resorted to making claims that the works they have produced are actually based on true events. Considering that almost all of them are relatively unknown prior to the promotion of said works, the subject of motive then becomes a inquisitive notion. Is the writer at hand actually trying to altruistically spread awareness of a certain event, or is by making such fantastic claims, whether accurate or not, the only way for them to achieve any sort of significance? For the most part, I have to rest my opinions on the latter. The most despicable of these sort of would-be literary giants are the ones that knowingly seek out any kind of tragic event and then do their utmost to capitalize on it. That practice alone reveals that without the actions and sufferings of others, their merits are not worthy of mention. I've even seen some of them add ridiculous elements of the supernatural(A subject that, I feel, should be respected)to their claims, again in the hopes that such subject matter will add to the popularity of their dubious creations.
While I, myself, find many of the stories I create to be inspired by People throughout history that actually existed, I would never dream of making any sort of claim that any of my works were 'True Stories'. Sadly, I find that many in the public cannot seem to differentiate between what actually is just that:A fictional tale inspired by certain nonfiction people or places and a story based in total accuracy on a person or event that happened.
The only solace I find from such things is that such authors, if they even do accomplish any sort of fame, can rarely duplicate the magic from their first work and usually disappear as quickly as they came.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Messages of Dreams?

The subject of dreams holds with it subject matter both fascinating and relatively unexplained. In ancient times, they were looked to as a sort of guidance tool forwarding of omens and interpreted to bring forth fortune. In the modern age of science and reason, the meaning of dreams is often written off as nothing particularly meaningful. Only those who have what I like to consider an eccentric belief system would consider them anything else. But, to me, an inquiry persists. Are they just a myriad of images from deep within our subconscious, or is there actual importance of studying what it is that they may be trying to communicate.  If the answer is indeed yes, how are we certain of what message is conveyed, for it could all be complexly layered? When that is pondered, it truly makes me wonder how the shamans and soothsayers of the past learned to decipher them. Who could have taught them what no one could have any knowledge in? How could their interpretations be considered infallible? Perhaps, the only answer that matters is how important such interpretations are to the individual.
One dream that I remember from my youth is being attacked by a large wolf. While the attack occurred, I felt my vocal chords stiffen, so I couldn't scream. My legs deadened, so I couldn't run. And before I was able to awake, I felt every tear of my flesh as if it was actually happening in real life.
Though I've had other strange dreams, that one was the most vivid dream I ever had. If dreams hold within them some sort of subliminal message, I've yet to discover what the meaning was behind that one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lack of public interest?

I must say, I find it quite contrary when I turn my attention to the most popular films around today and notice that my favorite genre is almost nowhere to be found. Aside from a few direct to video releases, it seems that true horror is hardly produced at all. Such a grotesque fact makes me press even further for a resurgence, if you will. Perhaps one way to spearhead a direct change is to consider the mediums most of the more popular films use. Namely comics, or graphic novels. While walking through a book store a while back, I took immediate notice that the section displaying all of their graphic novels were almost completely absent of horror. This could simply be a sign of the modern times and of the lost interest that horror once commanded, though I pray it is not. And if indeed such a thing is true, maybe the public, weary of the mountain of regurgitated excuses for material, needs something new and darkly refreshing to rekindle such an interest. Something not so easily found in the domains of hack writers who simply aim to please everyone. 
One can only hope.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Lure of Extremism

Having to sit through a recent film that had themes relating with sadomasochism, I noticed a few things. The theater was virtually packed, mainly with women. A fact that made me think. The subject of extremism in any form, regardless of what those who fancy themselves as experts on the 'Human Condition' believe, causes a great deal of curiosity to most people simply for the fact that they are not presented with such subject matter on a regular basis. In relation to myself, while I was definitely not impressed with the film at all, I completely understand from personal experience how we must go beyond the limits of what is considered socially acceptable for any sort of creation process to be both genuine and mesmerizing. What simply shocked us yesterday won't even make us blink tomorrow. To command the attention of a jaded audience, we must be jaded in the most sincere definition of the word. Without such a condition present in the lives of those who wish to create, it is painfully obvious that anything that is created by them will barely be considered an afterthought. Such realities, as sad as they seem to the rest of the world, are a basic necessity to any horror writer. I doubt I would have it any other way!

Friday, February 6, 2015


Anyone with any sort of dream, myself included, must find it terribly frustrating when anything they are struggling to bring to fruition seems to not be working. I don't know how many times I've discussed this subject with fellow writers, both obscure and those who fancy themselves as 'successful'. While I've heard countless explanations as how to counter this discouraging reality, I still don't have any exact measure of prevention. I once heard someone say that success doesn't have a timeline and while that is true, it ever increases the anxiety for those of us who are driven beyond belief. Those of us who know and completely understand that each and every life is allotted a very limited time frame and that one must use all of it productively. So, with that in mind the only adequate solution I can come up with is to persevere, simple as it sounds. With the rigorous demands of everyday life diluting one's focus, I imagine it can be extremely challenging to keep the quality of one's work as pristine as possible through such a niche. While there are no right or wrong ways of doing things for writers especially, I find that obstacle the most rigorous. For myself, Whenever I feel frustration creeping up on me, I just remember why I became a writer in the first place. That usually puts everything into proper perspective.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Other Side

Randomly, people will ask me where I get my continuous inspiration to stay motivated for writing horror. What I tell them usually leaves them wanting, especially if they have the same level of belief as 99.99% of the rest of humanity. I believe that there is another side of existence. Call it what you want-The spirit world, parallel universes, Heaven or Hell, or simply the other side. Forces that dwell in this crevice, though I make no claims to fully understand them, guide my hand from pen to paper. Why they do is still quite beyond me. Looking back at several of the processes I went through while writing my stories, it truly boggles my mind. The programs on television that would come from seemingly out of nowhere, the morbid places I would go, the music. I couldn't have put together such dark perfection if I tried. With that in mind, gratitude for them is definitely an understatement. For, if they assist me in my creations, then most assuredly they'll assist me with me with my darkened dreams as well.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What is 'Real' success?

Success. The word itself brings to mind visions of tremendous of wealth and prestige. But, honestly, when pertaining to those involved in endeavors such as writing and poetry, what indicates success? After reading about both famed British poet John Keats and obscure American author John Kennedy Toole its plain to see that any sort of recognition they achieved happened post mortem. I hear about authors who ride the coat tails of my chosen genre when in all honesty they are anything but horror and have achieved a tremendous amount of wealth. In truth, I have mixed feelings with the subject, altogether. In my honest opinion, true success is prospering on your own terms and staying who you are genuinely. If you have to bend to the world's terms, I'm sure whatever material you come up with will lack integrity, especially if you write in the horror genre, like I, myself, do. That's a question I often ask myself: Is it worth it to achieve the materialism that so many of us value beyond all other things by being a basic slave to the cares and utterances of others? A reasonable person adjusts himself to the world. A unreasonable person adjusts the world to himself. Therefore, in writing as in everything else in between, the only room for any sort of progress rests solely on the unreasonable person.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The only representative of my passion!

I don't know how many times I've talked with my fellow budding writers about staying true to passion. It quite irks me when I hear them always mention how they absolutely love one particular genre, but feel there's more financial gain in composing material for another. If one takes the time to think about the principal about such a matter, they are basically pretending to be something they are not. That is something that is, in my honest opinion, far too apparent in the world we live in. People abandoning who they really are for the simple sake of convenience. And say these faux souls actually achieve what they comprehend to be success in the blatant betrayal of their passion, what does that mean? That its better to be a fake than to be real? I say let the world feel of me what it may, I will stay solidly to the course I feel represents my passion the greatest. And there is no other better representative of my passion than Horror. Not now. Not Ever!