Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Scariest villains of them all

In both the worlds of fiction and nonfiction there are several personas of villains. Some are very easy to recognize with the appearance of extreme sadism and depravity. Some, even more so as they hide all human traits with the use of fear-provoking masks. And then, at least for myself, come the ones who are definitely the scariest of them all. These are the ones who no one would be paying attention to had it not been for them receiving
penance for their crimes. These predatory types could literally be anyone and the facade of normalcy hides demons more grotesque than all in Hell. The type of people I am describing all have similar mental characteristics; The need for Egotistical and physical gratification, a supreme lack of empathy, and a proclivity for causing harm. While these types are indeed rare in Horror fiction as they make for a terribly dull narrative, in the real world the numbers of them are staggering. And its this fact that can assist one in equating any horror film villain with any face in the crowd.