Monday, January 26, 2015

The Other Side

Randomly, people will ask me where I get my continuous inspiration to stay motivated for writing horror. What I tell them usually leaves them wanting, especially if they have the same level of belief as 99.99% of the rest of humanity. I believe that there is another side of existence. Call it what you want-The spirit world, parallel universes, Heaven or Hell, or simply the other side. Forces that dwell in this crevice, though I make no claims to fully understand them, guide my hand from pen to paper. Why they do is still quite beyond me. Looking back at several of the processes I went through while writing my stories, it truly boggles my mind. The programs on television that would come from seemingly out of nowhere, the morbid places I would go, the music. I couldn't have put together such dark perfection if I tried. With that in mind, gratitude for them is definitely an understatement. For, if they assist me in my creations, then most assuredly they'll assist me with me with my darkened dreams as well.

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