Friday, February 6, 2015


Anyone with any sort of dream, myself included, must find it terribly frustrating when anything they are struggling to bring to fruition seems to not be working. I don't know how many times I've discussed this subject with fellow writers, both obscure and those who fancy themselves as 'successful'. While I've heard countless explanations as how to counter this discouraging reality, I still don't have any exact measure of prevention. I once heard someone say that success doesn't have a timeline and while that is true, it ever increases the anxiety for those of us who are driven beyond belief. Those of us who know and completely understand that each and every life is allotted a very limited time frame and that one must use all of it productively. So, with that in mind the only adequate solution I can come up with is to persevere, simple as it sounds. With the rigorous demands of everyday life diluting one's focus, I imagine it can be extremely challenging to keep the quality of one's work as pristine as possible through such a niche. While there are no right or wrong ways of doing things for writers especially, I find that obstacle the most rigorous. For myself, Whenever I feel frustration creeping up on me, I just remember why I became a writer in the first place. That usually puts everything into proper perspective.

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