Thursday, November 17, 2011

12th Article Finished

I just finished my twelfth article for I'm actually pleased with the whole process of it. It's not so much the financial gain from it, because there really isn't any. It's the fact that I can promote all sorts of subject matter that I find rather interesting. Obscure as it might be, it's my way of promoting the profound. Already I have done articles on the haunted history of Edinburgh, Scotland, The Haunted where-a-bouts of San Diego, An interview with a black metal band, An interview with a Embalmer, a zombie event in Seattle, and a few others. This latest article was on Voodoo, the obscure religious practice that is prevalent in Haiti, New Orleans, Jamaica, and the Caribbean. I don't really know what the rest of my articles will be on, but I'm sure there will be plenty of them!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On to the 28th!

It must have been last month when I finished my 27th short story 'Confessions of Depravity'. The story is about a predator of women who lives a facade as a common citizen and productive member of society. Of course, the story, like many others, is based on actual events. Now that this story is completed, I must yet again search the depths of my imagination for new material.
Usually this poses a challenge because of the very high standard I set for all of my works. Lately I have been studying up on the subjects of Voodoo and Palo Mayombe, an African pagan religion. I have also been researching the practices of Brujeria, Mexican Witchcraft. I do enjoy the extreme nature all of these subjects bring to the table. I respect all magical practices, no matter how primitive they may seem. Once I have completed my 28th short story I will have enough material to publish two more books. I can hardly wait!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Awesome Interview. Awesome Article

I finally had the pleasure of completing an article that I had planned for months. The title of the article was 'Living with Death: The inside view of the career experiences of a former Embalmer'. I don't know how many times I tried to get an interview with a mortician or someone of similar profession to no avail. I was about to give up on the idea entirely when I met Thom Carnell, A 'Fangoria' writer and former embalmer. Thom gave me the best interview a person could hope for and completely restored my faith in humanity(well, almost). To see the full interview(which is a four part series because of length issues) visit

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Never standing still

Well, I can honestly say that the last month certainly has been interesting. I found out that I didn't win the horror contest that I entered months ago. Sad as that was, I still went to Seattle, to the ZomBcon event there and promoted my book to a variety of people. The reception that I had there was amazing. Halloween was equally good here in San Diego, I went to a Goth party and promoted my book there too. Before I did each, an old spiritualist read tarot to me with some promising news. I love such occult themed activities. By keeping myself exceptionally busy, I've noticed that I have, in fact, come very close to fulfilling my goals but, I am not even close to being where I want to be. And I wonder if I ever will.