Sunday, August 21, 2016

Seville trip was EPIC!!

Ah, another trip to and fro across the Atlantic has taken place. Seville, Spain has to be one of the most fascinating and beautiful places the world has to offer. So many facets of intrigue were there to keep my whole trip mesmerizing. The food alone has to be some of the best in Europe, period. I, for one, hadn't tried Tapas that much, and then you have the wine! Some of the best in the whole world!! The architecture spoke of both indigenous and Arabic influences and the parks surrounding the Historical Center were absolutely fabulous. Like the rest of Europe, there are streets that look completely alike, so be prepared to be patient if you get lost, I sure did!
Like every trip I've ever had, the magical aura that permeated out of every experience is enough to keep me motivated for a million more of them! And, the Spanish people themselves were nothing less than excellent so its an absolute guarantee that I'll definitely be going back there some day.
Much appreciation to all involved with this trip for giving to me another priceless cache of the most important things in my life: Memories!