Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another Recurring Character

During the whole of my writing career, I've created several characters unique for their wickedness. Yet, I've noticed that I rarely use them more than once. The ones that are an exception to the rule are few: First, there's the Hellish Demon E'ferries. And the other one, just as intriguing with a tad more feminine flair, is the Feral Forest Witch, Tundra. I first used her in my tale 'The Chalice', and because I had so much enjoyment with the approach of her character, I used her again this time in a lesser part in the story 'To the Victor the Spoils'. Lo and Behold, with the progression of my dark fairy tale "The Goblin Tale" coming to task, I have once again decided to give her a role. One that is instrumental in the origins of the lead character, Gnellroth. There are several characteristics to Tundra which inspire me to keep experimenting with her. For one, She is a follower of the Greek goddess Hecate. Despite being ancient in years, she maintains a youthful and beautiful appearance. And, she possesses a cunning and merciless personality.
Considering the new story, I have been pressed for time to say the least. But, little by little and day by day it, like all the rest before it, has taken on a life of its own. When it's finally going to be completed is a sure fire mystery to me. I can only hope it doesn't take that long I''m already in a complete hurry to read the final cut!