Sunday, April 12, 2015

Priorities, Priorities

In the world of writing, I've noticed the priorities of us are definitely not all the same. The vast majority of writers I have come across always misconstrue the order in which any form of success comes to them. It's my honest opinion, even though I'm absolutely not what I, myself, would consider the pinnacle of success, that results always start with the creation of interest, interest creates demand, and demand dictates success. You cannot experience the sort of success so many writers seek(world travels, millions of adoring fans, limitless funds, exuberant lifestyle)without adhering to such a principle. I find it quite laughable when I see so many would-be writers live as if they are beyond what it is they seek without so much as one hundredth of a result provided. I see them indulging in substances, procrastinating, and touting their own ego as if they've already outsold the greatest of our own generations. Priority usually balances out such disastrous choices. If it's fame and fortune(the main reasons so many of us write in the first place)one wants, work must come first. Where would DaVinci be if he decided 'Mona Lisa' wasn't at the top of his priority list, or Michelangelo not keeping the Sistine Chapel his number one focus point?
 It's usually very simple to tell the difference between great writers and mediocre ones: One has only the principle of passion as their guide, the others want the rewards that sort of passion provides.

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