Sunday, November 15, 2015

No 'Off' season for writers

In writing, as in with life, if your goal is to be the bringer of masterpiece creations, it might suit you best to realize that there is definitely not an off season, if you will. Far too many times I have seen would-be writers create one book, be it a novel or compilation, and have the rest of their creative efforts run stale. I consider this the equivalent of composing one song in music and fancying one's self a musician. Writers write, regardless if they've just completed the greatest story ever told or one that nobody is ever going to see, ever. If you fancy yourself a writer, you must also consider yourself a well-spring of creativity. Endless ideas and a non-stop work ethic to put those imaginings to paper should be second nature and, to myself, that priority is the sole difference between those whose works are remembered and revered, and those that are not.
If your sole purpose for being a writer is to simply concoct one lone tale or novel, your no different that someone who wants to act in one movie, or sitcom and declare themselves an actor. Quantity, plus a excellent standard of quality in all one's works, speaks volumes.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Dark Fantasy/Horror Connection

Even though it's not in my taste to branch out of my specialty of traditional horror, that does not mean that I am not a fan of other certain genres. The Fantasy genre in particular comes to mind quite specifically as one of my favorites. The Arthurian Mythos of Pre-Saxon U.K. I have found mystifying since childhood and the works of writers like Tolkien and C.S. Lewis also consider reverence.
That being said, I believe there are many subtle connections and similarities between Dark Fantasy and Horror. When you look at the folklore of such oddities as Ghouls and Ogres, they are very similar to elves and fairies except they were usually regarded as villainous.
Being one month removed from completing my last Novella 'Beyond Obsession', I have decided to branch out of Traditional Gothic Horror, yet I still desire to keep the same context of what makes my writing unique. My next project is going to involve a literary figure who has been seen in several mythologies from across the Atlantic yet has had almost no specifics in regards to its origins, namely  the Goblin.
Though specifically in a Fantastical setting, I still plan to include all infamous traits of Horror and create a fairy tale best suited for those almost as twisted as I am!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Halloween to All!!

Again, the greatest holiday worth ever mentioning has again come to pass. Even though it is horribly soiled with monotonous commercialism, I tend to remember it as it was once practiced in ancient times. Back then, Celtic druid priests would actually sacrifice a virginal youth(either male, or Female) to appease their plethora of Gods for a plentiful harvest that spring. It was widely believed in the Dark Ages that Halloween was the one day a year the veil between the dimensions of the living and of the dead would fade and the dead, be they saint or infernal, would be able to walk upon the Earth.
Imagine that! If the dead can walk aming us, would it not be fascinating to also be able to walk among them as well?
The original name of Halloween comes from the term 'All Hallows Eve' or the day before the Christian holiday All Hallows Day. Before it was included in any Christian terminology, it was known as the Celtic word 'Samhain'.
While I thoroughly enjoy playing dress up, the custom of trick'or treating rather bores me. But, if you throw any ancient ritual(from any origin, it doesn't matter) into the fray, I become just as giddy as the toddlers in their store-bought costumes.
That said, I wholeheartedly wish the whole world an exciting and magical night!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'Beyond Obsession' Finally complete!!

After two months, three weeks and one day I have successfully completed my 32nd short story, even though its more like a novella in length, 'Beyond Obsession.' The themes of this particular story, plus the last two novels I completed, are so different from each other by comparison.When I look back on it, This particular one flowed like the Nile in terms of the easing of putting pen to paper, I cannot tell you how undeniably grateful that makes me; For anyone who has ever attempted to write a story can attest to how frustrating it can be to deal with writers block. All in all, a very pleasant experience and still the heart of a certain matter remains: What direction do I take now? Through the entire time I was working on this story that very question beguiled me and in truth I really don't know. I have now been writing for the better part of fourteen years and even though life can indeed be unpredictable, the passion for my craft is far from jaded. As I begin to type the story out(I always do my rough drafts the old fashioned way:Pen to paper), I have to look at those who's lust for the craft has escaped them, and, if you're a writer such as I, such a condition is almost equal to doom. If I can have my way, I'll be writing horror stories forever. I can only hope that life itself abides my decision!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bad Seed of the Day: Delphine Lalaurie

I'm going to start depicting certain historical figures here and there who are obviously interesting enough to write about here but a bit too obscure to follow through with in terms of, let's say, a novel. Today, I'm choosing a woman who was essentially a socialite and because of her malice and cruelty became a notorious historical figure.
Delphine Lalaurie was came from a prominent New Orleans family. She had been married three times and had three daughters. Having a fondness for social gatherings, it was at a party she threw in April 10, 1834 that a fire broke out and brought to light everything that she had well hidden under the guise of societal pretense. Delphine, it seemed was a closet sadist. Many of her slaves had been found mutilated in the worst sort of ways. As legend proposes, some had their arms and legs broken to resemble the appendages of crabs. Some were chained in sort of upstairs 'Dungeon' where, once you went to, you didn't return from. There, women supposedly had their genitals mutilated and were repeatedly beat and flogged and men had their eyes gouged out, all while being chained to a wall.
According to eye witness accounts, it was the firefighters who witnessed the thick of the horror and horrific it was: Some slaves intestines were cut from their bodies and nailed to the floor, some were required to wear a very large spiked iron collars, one even had the feces of animals stuffed into their mouth while having their lips sewn shut.
The fire itself was set deliberately by a old woman who acted as a cook as a suicide attempt because she was too afraid to go 'up there'. 
As news of her secret became apparent, Delphine and her third Husband and children all fled in disgrace, and to avoid mob violence, to Paris, France and it is highly believed that she died there of natural causes. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ah...The Coming of Autumn!

Alas, my favorite season has once again graced us. I really don't have enough good things to say about the Autumn season. The change in the weather, the Holiday of Halloween, The vibrant colors of spring slowly beginning to fade. It's magical. Yet, for the longest time, I really can't remember a year where my Halloween celebration wasn't anything more than just working on a short story or novel and passing out candy to a handful of teenagers. To me, Halloween is a pagan tradition that goes far beyond the simple act of handing out treats. It reverts back to a time where the general belief in magic was far beyond the nihilistic societal norms we have today. It also signifies a time where people had the ability to have a lot more amusement then we do today, as well.
I can't really help the morbid thoughts I've had for so long of attending a macabre masquerade ball or some sort of graveyard seance where I actually dance with ghosts and ghouls.
During Halloween nowadays, the best one can do is go to a club where the music they parlay too is so terrible it makes you want to go back home. It also gives notion to hooligans who use this sacred holiday as an excuse to become severely inebriated and obnoxious, like they cannot achieve such a thing on any other day?
Halloween most assuredly reinforces my own philosophy that if one wants to have a truly pleasurable experience, one has to provide it for themselves. Their own way and on their own terms.
Even still, I can't wait for it!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Necessity of Routine?

When you really think about it, anyone involved in the creation process professionally probably doesn't have a whole lot of time on their hands. The rewards that succeeding in such a lifestyle can definitely be enticing yet most of those who do just that rarely indulge and the reason, at least to me, is quite obvious. Believe it or not, most of the people who are paid to write, act, a most routine lifestyle. It usually involves long hours of dedicated development to their craft, research, and the striving for the perfected
finished product whatever it may be. To the hordes of masses looking in on them from the outside it must resemble nothing but fun and play, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the aforementioned professionals regard their passions with the utmost seriousness and all of them come to the realization rather quickly that there truly is no off season with the creative world. So, no matter how mundane a routine lifestyle may seem to most people, to those involved with the creation process, it is most necessary indeed!