Monday, June 29, 2015

Starting anew

My time in the pacific Northwest has been encapsulating. I visited the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, trekked through thick forests, tasted the cuisine of Portland, and visited an age-old cemetery. Yet, once again, I find myself off my original intention of walking to and fro upon the Earth and back to my old stomping ground of San Diego. Again, the familiar imagery is twisting my mind and forcing my hand to put pen to paper. This time around I'm going to resort to my original means of writing and shall concoct a short story. One concerning the subjects of death, devotion, and pain.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Adventure Continues....

This last month has been no less than insane! Having left the confines of a once percieved comfort Zone, I have spent the last few weeks camping in the American Northwest and am now mentally preparing myself for an on-foot trek across Canada to the East of the continent and then on to the deserts of North Africa. As a wiseman once said: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What happens after all that still remains a mystery. Hopefully, I'll still be writing!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

R.I.P Christopher Lee

With regret, I bid farewell to one of the horror icons of any generation. I grew up watching Christopher Lee. His onscreen presence was purely mystical and I feel that no one today is even comparable in any sense to the contributions he delivered, especially for the horror genre. I remember the first film I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Lee, 'The Howling 2: You're Sister is a Werewolf'. 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula' followed as well as all the of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. It is truly saddening to see that all of the icons that were so integral in my childhood are leaving us, and the world truly is a bit lesser as a result.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Another chapter awaits

'And so it begins' goes the saying that often precedes an important journey that eventually all must make in the hectic labyrinth of life. I take upon myself a path few would venture all in the name of what I consider to be the true value of existence: experience. Show me a life where the beholder simply has a wealth of unequaled memories at their disposal and I declare such a life was well lived. One of my many critiques of society in general is that most people put a calloused emphasis on the acquirement of goods as the main reason for existing and whether one life was supposedly higher in importance than another. As for myself, I feel maximizing personal potential goes much further in developing an actual purpose for life, something so many lack.
So, come what may, I set out to collect what I feel matters most: memories.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Third Novel finally completed!

Alas, another page turned in the fascinating life of a writer! I have just completed my third novel "Homage to Baphomet". One thing that captures my fancy is how similar in length this particular book was in relation to my two previous ones. And just like the other two, it basically wrote itself. From the beginning to the the end, the whole process was a complete mystery for me yet the theme of the book, an actual historical object that the Knights Templar were accused of sacrilegiously worshiping, continues to inspire me. One thing is definite, when one makes the decision to write a novel and carries with that decision all the way till the end of it speaks volumes about their fortitude. For any writer knows, an easy partaking it is not! The demands of everyday living alone are enough to throw such a project by the wayside for some time unless you are completely resilient! One thing that works for me is simply consistency. I try to make sure that I take at least three to four hours everyday to work on it no matter what else is going on around me.
Now, another question begs to be asked: 'What happens now?' and the answer to that remains a mystery at least for me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Almost 13,000 views!

Salutations and gratitude to you all! I am grateful to say that the page views on my blog are only a bit under 13,000. When you consider that the average blog only gets somewhere between 50-500, that number is astronomical! I do hope I have been able to entertain you with my own expression of the BEST genre in anything, Horror!! I also wish to prod forward with my darkened vision to give to you all the very purpose why I started writing in the first place which is to nominally trump the masqueraders and keep the tradition of horror very much alive. It is my goal to make sure that one day Horror is as popular a genre as comedy, action, drama, or any other times ten. And I truly appreciate all of you who are assisting me with that passion!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Rituals are a subject that have beyond fascinated me my whole life. So many questions abound about them: Where do they originate from? Do they really work? What are they key elements in performing them? Do negative influences occur while performing them?
Though I can't answer all those particular questions, I believe they were a key part of life for ancient man. A direct emphasis was placed on pleasing what man believed were Omnipotent beings, Gods if you will. How most people perform them today, I feel, dates back to the Ancient Romans and Egyptians. For example: The black shrouds and repetitive chanting many Neo-Pagans and Occultists adhere to comes from ancient rites the Romans used to garner favor from their vast array of Gods. Sacrificing animals was also part of their ceremonies. The use of Altars for rituals probably dates all the way to Ancient Sumer, the very first civilization. Egypt, I feel, was unique because they adopted a more scientific approach in both worshiping their Gods and the way they buried their dead.
Today, even though most would disagree with me, I feel they have just as much to offer in terms of human assistance than they did back then. Essentially, they are pageantry used for the attainment of some sort of worldly material, or assistance with the outcome of some sort of event.
I, myself, am not sure what are the best methods for them. I feel they, like everything else, are subject to interpretation. Whatever one believes will work for them just might deliver the goods. And that, I feel, is the one key element man must provide to make them work: Belief.