Sunday, November 12, 2017

2017 almost finished!

Well, the end of 2017 is just right around the corner. I felt this year was very productive. I started the year off working on my second novella 'Further Passage (Into Hell)', then wound up working on and completing my third one 'The Honors Amongst Vermin'. Now that the year is coming to a close, I'm working on part two of my dark fantasy series 'The Goblin Tale'. When I consider that I had virtually no cases of writers block all year round and I went to the beautiful and magical ruins of Olympia,Greece as well, I truly have no complaints about 2017 at all. Not to mention that this particular blog has now surpassed 20,000 views and more of my material has been viewed on sites such as Linkedin and Creepy Pasta, I feel that the sky is the limit. One thing is for sure, time passes by extremely quickly. This year amazed me with the speed of its passing. I literally blinked my proverbial eyes and it is now just about finished. As always, I can only hope that next year is just as, if not more, positive and productive.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1/2 of the 'The Goblin Tale' part 2 complete

2017 has been a busy year indeed for me as for writing. I completed two novella's(Further Passage, Honors Amongst Vermin), took a lovely trip to to Greece, and started the second part of my Dark Fantasy series 'The Goblin Tale'. The story, like so many of my others, has assumed a life of it's own and I'm very pleased to say that I've finished roughly about half of it. The direction of the story is very interesting as I had no idea the amount of twists and turns it would be taking. New characters as well have added to the narrative as well as enhancements of characters past. Again, I'm very pleased with this story and that, I feel, is a major proponent of the writing process. One must always enjoy what one writes.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

why I usually loathe diluting genres

Recently I went to the movies which was something I had not done in quite some time. The movie that I saw was a remake of a horror classic that I had never seen, yet by the time the film had ended I could understand why I had earlier avoided the original. Though I did not hate the film, it did remind me that I usually detest when the mixing of genre's occurs. Only a few times I have found this acceptable; for instance the story of 'Dracula' is, in essence, a Gothic love story. The later writings of H.P. Lovecraft are a splendid mix of horror and science-fiction, and even the great Edgar Allen Poe wrote what is probably the very first detective story. But, I found the particular work of the writer responsible for the film, as well as many of his earlier works, to be anything other than horror even though he has fancied himself under the horror banner his whole career. Many contemporary authors have indeed done the same. One thing is for certain, I feel that if you have a pull towards specific genre's, you should stick to labeling your works as such. If you are truly a horror writer, your passion should solely be on HORROR!! To deny horror it's purity indeed does the most magnificent genre a sad disservice.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017!

How exciting! My favorite holiday is, once again, right around the corner! This year, so far, I have no immediate plans as to what I'm going to do for it but, if nothing else, it will be a perfect excuse to indulge in a marathon of horror movies! While I'm passing on the route most people take and refusing to decorate my house in festive attire, I'm keeping my love for the holiday alive by continuously staying active working on 'The Goblin Tale Part 2: A Rebellion in Fairyland'. The story is now 1/4th of the way done and I'm hoping it will be completed early next year.
Once again, I am thoroughly disappointed by a seemingly lack of new and high-quality horror movies for the month of October. The only ones that Hollywood seems to pay any attention to are either remakes or franchise regurgitation. Such a shallow approach is, by my standards, rather shameful indeed. If things keep up this way, I wonder what the future for the Horror genre will be. Such a sad fact makes my appreciation for the beloved classics even more astute!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Greece was awesome!!

I must say, though I regret it was a rather short trip, that my Greece trip was insanely satisfying. If I had only one word to describe it, it would have to be: Smooth. From getting off the plane and finding which bus to take to get to Olympia(where I stayed the whole time I was there), to the Hotels I stayed in(I had not made a previous reservation), to the restaurants and, finally, to the ancient attractions; it was outstanding! The Temple of Hera itself was worth the whole trip as I've never visited anywhere else in the world that had the same level of mystical sway on me. The museums were also fascinating as I learned facts especially from the Olympics that can considered most brutal indeed. The food was as good as anywhere in the world, though I'll admit I basically stuck to indulging in street foods, like Gyros and Souvlaki. Greek wine was a tad bit stronger than what I'm used to but it was so delicious it's actually difficult to describe.
It was also an extremely inexpensive trip, I spent $360.00 the whole time I was there. All in all, I have absolutely no regrets and would implore anyone interested in History, Mythology, and especially food and wine to give it a try.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Autumn has come once again!

With my Greece trip only days away, I still am excited that my favorite time of the year has once again arrived. Alas, I love the season of Autumn! With the obvious changes to the colors of trees and so forth I find it all most festive! Last year I celebrated Halloween in San Diego's Old Town amidst the imagery of the oncoming 'Dia de los Muertos' holiday and plenty of wine. With any luck, this year will be just as exciting if not more.Halloween has long been my favorite holiday as I celebrate it in more of a traditional pagan fashion. I actually detest the commercialism associated with it. The Jack'o' lantern itself I look upon with a certain relevance since when the concept of it was created, people were actually sincere in their efforts to ward off 'Evil' Spirits. If only the rest of the holidays were as gracious to the macabre!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Greece in Two Weeks!

Well, I have done it again! I have thrown caution to the proverbial winds and booked a flight two weeks from now to Athens, Greece. From Athens, I intend to take a four hour bus drive to Olympia where once and for all I will give homage at the Temple of Hera. I have been wanting to do this for what seems like ages and finally I get to scratch it off my 'Bucket list' if you will. Hopefully, there won't be too many tourists, believe it or not I never like to go to places where they run amok! I believe that life is far too short to be doing anything else than what stimulates your passions to the utmost degree and that being said, I can't imagine anything else in life right now that would equal the excitement I have knowing that this is finally going to occur!