Monday, December 21, 2020

The Will of the Divine!

 Well, the will of the gods is definitely confusing, indeed! It was only a couple of months ago when I was absolutely convinced that my time as a writer had run it's course. And then, out of nowhere, I received a message from the other side that I had to complete yet another project. It was a message that carried with it utmost urgency, so I was in no way able to decline. 

Needless to say that this new project is part three of my previous two novels 'The Goblin Tales'. Now honestly, I did have plans to eventually write this conclusion, but I must admit that it very well could have been years from now. The process so far has been very smooth which is a lot more than I can say about any of my previous works. I've actually completed almost fifty pages within a little over one month's time.

As far as having any answers for such a situation, I really can't say anything. Whenever we mere mortals assume anything, it very well should be regarded as folly. This is a fact that I have slowly learned throughout the course of all my days. And after this project is completed (I've been given the deadline of March 6th of next year) I really don't know what to expect. What is clear is this: Whenever the divine expect anything out of you, it is best if you simply surrender to their will. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A painful shift to an unknown direction

Well, it seems a lot has happened in the last few months. The world has been gripped by both plague and chaos and I finished my cavalier story, 'Bruja'. I, like seemingly so many others at the moment, have really no idea what the future holds, which technically is not surprising since No one really does. But, this year makes 20'years that I pursued my lifelong goal of becoming a writer. A goal that has been nothing less than a stupendous journey past the depths of monotony I could have never imagined.
With that said, I feel myself being pulled and the truth is that I have no understanding of the direction to which such a pull will take me. It's quite scary really because writing is all I have really known.
It's defined my passions, my motivations, and everything one associates with success.
Everyone involved in the creative fields, and most people period I think, understand that everyone changes with time. Their interests change, their personalities change, the core of what they desire changes. Nothing remains as it once was, especially after 20 years.
Looking at my past accomplishments, I consider myself bordering both success and failure. Truth be told I never came close to achieving what I wanted to yet I've had several fellow writers tell me that I've achieved more than about 90%  of 'average' writers. So, in a way my journey was very bittersweet.
This is not to say that one day in the distant future I may or may not make the amazing decision to once again put pen to paper, but as of right now uncertainty is definitely a factor.
I may have been meant to be a writer, but perhaps I wasn't meant to stay one. Or perhaps this shift in direction is simply another chapter in the journey that is life. Who knows?

Friday, April 3, 2020

Strange Patterns through part 2 of 'Bruja'!

I must say there is definitely strange patterns occurring as I press forward with the second part of 'Bruja'. Mainly they consist of writing times. It seems that every three to five days I'm able to get anything written, which is both peculiar and sad to me because it makes the process take so much longer than I prefer. During the times I'm not writing is also strange because while I do my utmost to brainstorm and contemplate the direction of the story, I have no luck what so ever in doing so no matter my efforts.
The days that I am able to write bring forth a wellspring of direction I would never even consider on my off days. So, needless to say, when all of this is over its definitely going to be a chapter among many in which my writing processes were just as strange and unpredictable as my stories themselves!

Friday, March 20, 2020

First Part of 'Bruja' finished!!

The first part of my new Novella 'Bruja', has been recently finished. Honestly, the direction of the story so far has even exceeded my own dark inclinations. The time frame has been a tad disappointing as I loathe taking more time to complete a project than is absolutely necessary and I now have two other parts to accomplish in conjunction with the first. But...the fact that this tale is so thought provoking along with being informative as to Marta's origins couldn't have me more satisfied. I can only hope that the time it takes to complete the other two parts leaves me, and the rest of you all, feeling just as mesmerized!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Writing for yourself first!

Years ago, I once heard someone say that every writer should 'Write for themselves first, and worry about the world secondary'. While such a comment can be viewed as inflammatory to some, I can totally see where they were coming from. It's a direction that I, myself, often take with regards to my own creations. I mean, when I take into consideration that the reason I started writing is because most of the writers the contemporary world considered as 'Talented' or 'Groundbreaking' were so tawdry I couldn't bring myself to finish any of their works, it makes perfect sense.
That being said, I consider true horror an art. An art that hasn't been given the same amount of distinction it deserves. An art that shouldn't be diluted with anything not in it's nature. Graphic violence should be included almost as an afterthought, as well as blatant deviance in all of its forms. Namely, the hush and hidden realities of human nature should be shown in every light that showcases it's savagery. And that, most of all, is why I write horror: Human Beings are the truest of all monsters and nothing stays more true to that aspect than the genre of horror. Nothing gives that fact more credence.
In truth, I've become so selective with what I choose to entertain myself nowadays, lots of things I would find shocking in my youth hardly grasp my attention today. So, writing to please my own macabre indulgences has become more of a necessity than mere choice!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Continuing on with 'Bruja'

I've been keeping myself busy working on my new Novella "Bruja: The Origins of Marta Salazar". As with all of my works, the direction of the story has been a complete mystery to me since I first put my pen to paper. Yet, as with all of them, the direction of the story has been nothing less than inspirational. Of course, there's always what seems like minor setbacks. For instance, I had a terrible case of writer's block during the first two months so far. But, the more I prod along, the easier it has been for me to piece together each aspect of this particular tale. I believe I'm going to section this story into three parts. So far, the first piece deals with Marta's introduction to the Occult and to her introduction with the demon E'ferries. As far as the second part goes, I've yet to wonder....

Monday, January 6, 2020

2020 and already new ideas in the making!

Happy New Year to All!! While 2019 was certainly a very busy year, it was by no means a bad one and that being said, I am happy to say that I've been working on the concept of a new Novella. This new tale deals with a character who has had parts in my second Novella 'Further Passage' and my most recent screenplay 'Infernal Covenant'. Of course, I'm talking about Marta Salazar and, ironically enough, the new project is titled 'Bruja' just for her. While I've shown several aspects of Marta's character with the aforementioned tales, this story is quite different because not only does she become the main protagonist, but we explore her origins as well. Marta is unique because she started out as a simple yet malicious secondary character in 'Further Passage' and had only a slightly bit larger part in the screenplay. Taking her to the length of main character status is quite the transformation, and it makes me wonder if I will be able to create similar characters along the way!