Monday, January 16, 2017

R.I.P William Peter Blatty

I was saddened to hear that the author of the one of the best horror films ever, 'The Exorcist', has died. William Peter Blatty was a definite pioneer during the time when one could definitely argue that the genre of Horror had reached a certain peak. He was able to produce a movie that has stood on it's own among a slew of other greats, including 'Halloween', 'Rosemary's Baby', and 'The Omen'. Though achieving initial success with the Exorcist, and, in my own opinion, again with the 'The Exorcist 3', I was quite surprised when he didn't replicate such success with other films. But, maybe that's how fickle success can be. When one reaches the usually unattainable, sometimes it's not greatness that is the reward, but obscurity. When I really think about it, perhaps that is what William Peter Blatty actually did.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Progressing on my second Novella

I've been fortunate to have a continuous output since I decided to become a writer so many years ago. Recently I took a look at the patterns of starting and completing my many projects and found many similarities that I would probably never notice while I was working on them. I feel it is very important for writers to stay busy, regardless of what is happening in their personal lives. I also feel it is a necessity to acknowledge, as a writer, one's preferred genre. Too many times I have seen writers jump from one genre to another and while sometimes it works, most often it can have setbacks. I have stated several times that as a Horror writer, I am an absolute purist, even though I have branched outside of it a small handful of times. I would never think of including a genre that didn't fit my chosen one, such as comedy. Lately, I have kept myself more than busy while working on my second Novella 'Further Passage'. And again, as with so many of my works, its as if the other side commands my hand. I really don't know why, if it is in fact true, such a supernatural act occurs, but believe me, I'm not complaining. I feel such assistance is more or less an advantage. Everything that comes my way in life, be it a certain movie, a conversation, music and so forth, inspires my progression to the story and I really can't say if it's mere coincidence. If it is, I hope it continues...

Monday, December 5, 2016

2016 in retrospect

2016 was definitely a busy year for me. But, as far as my writing goes, I didn't complete my fullest aspirations though I was able to complete yet another novel. I worked two jobs for the majority of this year, visited another country(that's always fun), had a blast on Halloween, and wrote a ton of articles for the website Uncharted I spent a lot of time discovering new music on Youtube and watching a ton of old horror movies. I guess you can say that even though I really didn't get exactly to where I wanted to be, I still made a degree of progress and that's where my opinion of 2016 stands. It was a progressive year. I guess when your entranced by ambition, as I am, a progressive year is a most positive one.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Back to my roots

On a few of my last competed works, I've tested the waters with experimenting outside of my chosen genre.  While the results I produced were no less than stellar to my standards, the time has come to return once again to the root of all my passion. Namely, pure horror.
It has been almost two months since I completed my fourth novel, 'The Goblin Tale', and like a cyclical pattern I find the same familiar images of creation flooding my mind. The next story I have in my mind revolves around a magical ritual that several magus of old, including the great Aleister Crowley, attempted to replicate. I must admit that my interests, especially when I get into creation mode, can be quite whimsical, but the ones that linger are usually the ones I work with. And with that in mind, I feel it time to gather all elements useful to me in my processes and begin....

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Remind thyself daily

Marc Jasin, the CEO and founder of, had an interesting project for me to do the other day. He wanted me to research and create an article regarding some peculiar numerical patterns around the vicinity of Palm Springs(a place I've never been to, by the way). Knowing that he's probably been the nicest and most cordial writing boss I've ever had in my life, I went for it not knowing just how much research would be involved. I tell ya, a whole weeks worth was still probably not enough. But, before my self-imposed deadline was up, I was finished with it.
It was a lesson for me, not just involving the material I studied which, of course, was extremely interesting. But, of will and having to deal with what seemed like non-stop obstacles and frustration. Maybe that, more than anything, is the secret to life. I've been writing now for the vast majority of my life. I couldn't imagine my life without it. But, dealing with the ever-present array of obstacles within the writing world, the seemingly negative framework of the majority of people's minds, and every sort of unpredictability of life itself, you start to wonder about things.
I guess I have to remind myself that the key to life is simply to never give up. Everything else is simply elementary. Unless, you consider the time it takes to accomplish your standard of 'deemed' success. Forever then might be an understatement.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hardly any Horror Movies this month!

I disappointingly have noticed that this month, the spookiest month all year long, has a terrible shortage of Horror movies both in the movie theaters and on specialty channels, such as Netflix. What the reasons are for the shortage is truly beyond me, in truth the whole situation is just as much an annoyance as it is a disappointment. For Horror fanatics like myself, this is the one time of the year we look forward to simply for a new crock of scary material to experience. When our options are either regurgitated films or themes that have absolutely nothing to do with horror at all, words cannot express the disenfranchisement we can definitely feel. Don't get me wrong, most of the older horror films are my favorites yet this year the holiday of Halloween seems to be completely ignored. I guess such a situation gives credit to the age old saying "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!"

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Happy Halloween, Once Again!

I so very eagerly welcome the coming of the month of October. Honestly, it's probably my favorite month all year long, and with it comes what I consider a marathon of Horror movies, Occult documentaries, Venturing out to strange graveyards, and everything in between until the ultimate climax comes with the onset of Halloween! I can sincerely say that no other month has such an aura of magic nor the propensity of fun within it, it's not even close! And though I've probably stated this several times, the witchy traditions of Halloween are what I generally pay attention to. Oh how would I love to have this day be everyday, once and for all!!