Saturday, April 7, 2018

The worst sin of them all: Plagiarism

Plagiarism! The mere pronunciation of the term carries with it connotations of nausea for me. If you ever fancy yourself a writer in any genre and you justify any attempt at such blasphemy you should hang your head in shame. Such a sad fact it is that so many would be creators actually find themselves doing that very act. Call me old fashioned if you will, but I believe once the moment comes that cannot produce your own material you should probably engage in other endeavors.
If you stop and think what such an abomination implies, it essentially is an outright admission that who ever it is whose work you are copying is superior to your own; and that is something I would never do not even for the literary masters of the classics that I grew up enjoying.
The mere character, or lack thereof, of any plagiarist is quite generic. Usually it is someone who spends more time touting their capabilities than they do producing anything of merit. When one cuts the many layers of superficial sacrilege from their personality what remains is, for the most part, laziness, a lack of imagination and keen mental fortitude, and generalized mediocrity.
For me, such a state of being should be avoided at all costs as should the terrible and unforgivable act of plagiarism in all of it's many forms.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Again! A new story to be made!

It's only been two weeks and six days since I completed my last project and again the call of passion prevails! Though I don't have a complete outline on the work at hand (I seldom ever do) the familiar imagery again is filling my mind and that can only mean one thing. With every project completed, I always seem to find myself weary of running out of ideas and every single time I do that, the other side follows through once more. This particular work is going to follow the close correlation between mercy and death and treachery of the human heart. I'm thinking of calling it "Angel of Mercy, Servant of Death".

Monday, March 12, 2018

New Story Finally Completed!!

I'm so ecstatic to announce that after one month, one week, and one day I have completed my 32nd short story 'The Book of Shadows'! Just like every other of my other stories, this one also basically wrote itself. The themes of this story took on many different paths as did the timeline I gave myself to complete it. When all is said and done, I can honestly say that, once again, it's a story that went far beyond my expectations. I can also appreciate the degree of enjoyment I felt while writing it. Now, of course, comes the question that always seems to follow me whenever I complete a project and just like every time prior to this I don't know if I can answer it at the moment "What now?"

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Progressing on new story!

It's only been a few weeks since I started my new story 'The Book of Shadows' and I am so ecstatic with the progress I've made. Just like all the others, this story has grasped me by my short hairs and forced it's will upon me. I've made so much progress with it, that it's probably only going to be a few more weeks until I'm finished with it. The last six years have been extremely progressive for me! I've completed five short stories, three novellas, three novels, and two parts of a dark fantasy series. When your busy, time seems to fly by and that statement is especially true for writers!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Messages from beyond

It seems like only yesterday when I recollect the time I went to an abandoned house equipped with a Ouija board, looking for messages from beyond. Most of the inquiries I had, had to do with the direction of my writing career and though I wasn't totally satisfied with the level of information I received, it was adequate no doubt. The one instance that stands out is when I asked which of my books was going to be the most popular. As my hands were on the Obelisk, it began with the letter 'B'. Since I had two books that began with that letter, I was rather excited but my expectations were sullied when instead of the book I conceived to be the desirable one was overlooked. As the name of my other book was spelled out, I found myself in a way not at all surprised, since I've had a connection to the Occult from the beginning of my writing career. Yet that, like so many other instances to me, is simply another example that there are forces at work which I cannot explain nor do I care to. Perhaps, the main question to be asked is not whether I 'make it' or not but rather when all of my aspirations come to light. And in that sense, I'm extremely thankful. For such a process goes far beyond any sour tongue from critics, and passes completely from the concept of obscurity. It would be very interesting to know whether other writers feel the same way about their own work.

Monday, February 12, 2018

No time limit for passion

I feel that true passion is the most effective force of motivation. It moves one passed hopelessness, desperation, exhaustion, and lack of purpose. To me, it truly is the difference between the very select few that achieve anything and the multitudes of the obscure. But even I must admit that even passion has one set back: There truly is no time limit to it. While I have seen some artists gain fast-tracked success, it takes others sometimes decades before they're even noticed. It is for those persistent souls that I salute dearly. I know there are many out there who probably have been trekking along with whatever aspirations they feel aligned to for who knows how long and haven't lost focus nor conviction. For such souls, I wonder what their definition of success would be, if it would be anything at all like what they thought it would be when they started such an endeavor. And, if they do ever achieve it, would they savor it like the forbidden fruit, or feel it extremely over rated? I definitely know what my answer would be to such an inquiry.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

E'ferries once again!

Behold, through the cracks of pitch darkness and transgression shall one of my old characters reveal himself again in my new story. The demon E'ferries hasn't been seen since my second novella 'Further Passage', and to say he is eager to make yet another appearance is an understatement. With him, I shall bring his signature penchant for sadism and suffering and shall add several connections to other scenarios he has partaken in. While the story itself is rather in it's initial stages, the addition of such a character was one of much urgency indeed. No other could fit the role so well of Antagonist. And, usually with the demon, no one really can compete with the amount of such