Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Halloween to All!!

Again, the greatest holiday worth ever mentioning has again come to pass. Even though it is horribly soiled with monotonous commercialism, I tend to remember it as it was once practiced in ancient times. Back then, Celtic druid priests would actually sacrifice a virginal youth(either male, or Female) to appease their plethora of Gods for a plentiful harvest that spring. It was widely believed in the Dark Ages that Halloween was the one day a year the veil between the dimensions of the living and of the dead would fade and the dead, be they saint or infernal, would be able to walk upon the Earth.
Imagine that! If the dead can walk aming us, would it not be fascinating to also be able to walk among them as well?
The original name of Halloween comes from the term 'All Hallows Eve' or the day before the Christian holiday All Hallows Day. Before it was included in any Christian terminology, it was known as the Celtic word 'Samhain'.
While I thoroughly enjoy playing dress up, the custom of trick'or treating rather bores me. But, if you throw any ancient ritual(from any origin, it doesn't matter) into the fray, I become just as giddy as the toddlers in their store-bought costumes.
That said, I wholeheartedly wish the whole world an exciting and magical night!

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