Sunday, October 16, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'6. 'The Lady of the Fog'

This next excerpt is from the last story from my book 'Behold the Darkness'. It is also the last in the series of excerpts from my books that I have shared until I publish my next book, which should be done sometime next year. This excerpt is promptly titled 'The Lady of the Fog'.

'...The light of the moon would allow me to catch a very limited glimpse of my surroundings. Although the fog could literally be cut with a knife, I was able to see what looked like a woman. The beats of my heart were uncontrollable, for even from a distance you could see she was well endowed. As I approached, her beauty revealed it's true magnificence. Through the fog, it was of beauty that was of unequaled grace. Seeing so feminine a creature, it was of my sworn duty to offer her assistance. I slowed my horse to a halt. "My lady, these woods can be treacherous at night. Please allow my escort." The woman said nothing. I, for a moment, was silent as well. Her beauty was captivating. Stealing the very breath from my chest. The pause between us drifted me away from my senses. I found myself ignoring the dangers of the forest and getting off my steed. I caressed her and tried to touch my lips to hers only to have her look away and gently turn from me. Slowly she walked away from me, but before she was swallowed by the fog she gave me one last look. A look that haunted me the rest of my days....'

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'5. 'Hell is for Heroes'

The next excerpt from my book 'Behold the Darkness' is from the fifth story, 'Hell is for Heroes'.
It was the first story I wrote about the Demon E'ferries. I have written several since. Essentially, the story consists of the demon boasting of all of his Hellish exploits....enjoy!

'It is my passion to reveal to the Almighty that mankind is nothing more than a sniveling dog. It is for this that I was banished from my celestial origins. Banished I may be, but I am not helpless. For many a war have I started, and I have claimed many a soul. So many in fact, that one day Heaven may be empty. Several celebrations have I had in indulgence to this fact, and I shall have several more...'

Monday, October 10, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'4. 'Necromancer'

This next excerpt is from the fourth story of my book 'Behold the Darkness'. It is appropriately titled 'Necromancer'.

'Bound and gagged, the initiate waited. Trapped helplessly in a cellar, it had been hours since he was placed there by his superiors and each passing second was an eternity. And though cold, dark, and not at all comfortable the initiate waited patiently for if he was anything-he was willing. Willing to endure pain, humiliation, even death. The chance of attaining membership into the most prestigious of all secretive societies was well worth it's weight in suffering. Very few people even knew such a group existed much less had the opportunity to gain membership. Only those who were deemed worthy enough were given the slightest chance of entry. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, architects, scientists, and men of extreme wealth and influence composed the group. People of ordinary standing were never given a second thought. Incredibly, this fool considered himself lucky and would have considered himself so even if his suffering was a hundred times worse. Such was the allure of the Order of the Dragon....'

Friday, October 7, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'3. 'Evil Unveiled'

This next excerpt is from the third story in my book 'Behold the Darkness'. It is titled 'Evil Unveiled'.

'....As the train pulled in to the countryside station, the trains loud whistle woke Annae from her daydreams. Exiting the train, she stopped to obverse her surroundings. Forests, mountains, and a few homes that barely resembled a village. The village looked deserted. Not a soul was present. And as Annae looked a little closer, she could see that on one of the village homes there were symbols painted on it. Annae moved towards the painted symbols to get a closer look. What she found confused her. She did not understand. Three crosses were next to each other. One large and two small. Annae had been to church several times and had indeed seen crosses before, but these crosses were turned upside down. As Annae stared at the symbols and tried to make sense of them, her thoughts were interrupted. "You must be Annae." Annae turned around to see a beautiful, middle aged woman dressed elegantly in black. "I am Matilda. Your Aunt. Come now shall we."....'

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'2. 'Lord Immortal'

This next excerpt is from the second story from my book 'Behold the Darkness'. It it titled 'Lord Immortal'.

'The routine was ordinary. And it had been that way for years. Morning-breakfast and medications. Afternoon-lunch and more medications. Evening-dinner and final medications. Afterwards came sleep. No patients were allowed to leave their padded cells or to have contact with others. No visitors were allowed. Showers were scheduled to the minute once a day. No exceptions.
One could argue that the measures taken were quite tyrannical, but to the Fenton state asylum for the criminally insane, such measures were considered a necessary evil. Through it's sullen halls and padded cells were kept some of the most vicious and animalistic perpetrators. Every crime conceivable were they capable, and convicted of. And because of this, not a one of them would be regarded lightly. Especially inmate #E7-116.
On the outside he was known by the few who knew him as Milner. According to those few, he lived in quite the normal fashion. There were no indications that he had the ability to commit the heinous acts bestowed upon him. They had actually stated that, although withdrawn and isolative, he was nothing less than decent. The acts committed by him would tell you something different....'

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'1. 'The Darkness awaiting'

This month, just as the previous two months, I shall share with you excerpts from one of my books. These next excerpts, which I shall share throughout the month, are from my third book 'Behold the Darkness'.
The first excerpt from that book is from the first story titled 'The Darkness Awaiting'.

'He could see nothing. In the barren wasteland of which he now found himself, all light had been eclipsed by darkness. Panic-stricken he dared not move, for he could hear them. Their twisted jeers and laughter of cruelty. The same ones from the beings that had brought him to this place. This spiritual prison. Dreading their return to him, his breathing was heavy. Experience had already shown to him the brutality they were capable of. Although it was beyond painful he had no choice but to accept that this, this land of desolation and putrescence, was his final and unredeemable destination. His earthly life had expired and there are no coincidences in the afterlife, something he had found out in the most brutal fashion. There was no peace in the darkness. Fear plagued his entire being. The fear to speak. The fear to move. The fear to even think. In the darkness, one's whole being was punished simply for existing....'