Saturday, June 25, 2011

True to the cause of Horror!

I'm pretty sure that every writer that has ever lived ran out of ideas at some point in their writing career. No one can keep making up decent material forever. How perfect of a world we would live in if that was the case. I'm pretty sure it is because of that terrible fact, that writers of every genre venture into other genre's that are completely foreign to the ones they specialize in. For instance, Edgar Allen Poe actually tried his hand at detective stories, and H.P. Lovecraft wrote science fiction as well as Horror stories. I don't know, maybe I'm just an old-fashioned fanatic, but I don't see myself writing under any other genre. I guess it's the only genre that can actually identify with. I really don't feel anything when I read any drama, or comedy, or romantic works. When I read, or especially when I write, horror stories I can truly feel the desolation included with the themes of it. Perhaps that is the main reason why I shall write only horror, forever!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reviews of the fickle

The other day I had someone give my first book a less than favorable review. Of course, It did little more than upset me. But before I began to second guess my work, which she dubbed anti-climatic, I had to ask myself a very simple question: What had this person ever achieved that made her opinion worth anything to anyone? You can assume that the answer was, of course, nothing. As writers, we must always remember that there are far more negative and opinionated people who are all in a big hurry to belittle someone else's work than there are those who create anything worth creating. Putting everything into proper perspective, I laughed the whole thing off. I also noticed that this same person gave favorable reviews to books that could be best described as trendy. This made me even less inclined to pay her the slightest attention. In a perfect world, people like the a fore mentioned narrow mind, would stick to reviewing the mundane and popular monotonous works of hack writers, and let real HORROR fans review real HORROR books!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things necessary to publish

For those who are trying to put a book together, there are several things that must included for the publication process to be complete. First, there is the ISBN number which is basically a book identifier. Next, is a Library of Congress number so the book can be recognized as legitimate. After that comes a very important thing, the copyright number. This makes sure that no one else can legally steal your work. And last, but not least, the bar code. This makes sure that your book can be sold at stores. The process of acquiring all these things can take some time, but if you have a competent publisher it shouldn't take longer than a couple of weeks. Trying to publish without any of the aforementioned elements is a guarantee that either no one will notice your work, or someone will try to plagiarize it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keeping busy

The best never rest. That is a quote I heard in a movie a long time ago. I think it's especially true for anyone trying to accomplish anything. Recently I published my third book this year. I now have my sights set on publishing a fourth book. I never like resting on my laurels. My next book will be entitled 'First in Hell'. I don't know when exactly I will publish but I think it's always better to plan things in advance. I'm also working on creating a new short story. Every time I finish a story, my mind gets anxious if I don't start working on a new one right away. Of course the genre will always remain the same, but I do like to challenge myself as a writer. These things, along with writing magazine articles and several other endeavors, should keep me busy for a long time to come.