Saturday, February 21, 2015

Messages of Dreams?

The subject of dreams holds with it subject matter both fascinating and relatively unexplained. In ancient times, they were looked to as a sort of guidance tool forwarding of omens and interpreted to bring forth fortune. In the modern age of science and reason, the meaning of dreams is often written off as nothing particularly meaningful. Only those who have what I like to consider an eccentric belief system would consider them anything else. But, to me, an inquiry persists. Are they just a myriad of images from deep within our subconscious, or is there actual importance of studying what it is that they may be trying to communicate.  If the answer is indeed yes, how are we certain of what message is conveyed, for it could all be complexly layered? When that is pondered, it truly makes me wonder how the shamans and soothsayers of the past learned to decipher them. Who could have taught them what no one could have any knowledge in? How could their interpretations be considered infallible? Perhaps, the only answer that matters is how important such interpretations are to the individual.
One dream that I remember from my youth is being attacked by a large wolf. While the attack occurred, I felt my vocal chords stiffen, so I couldn't scream. My legs deadened, so I couldn't run. And before I was able to awake, I felt every tear of my flesh as if it was actually happening in real life.
Though I've had other strange dreams, that one was the most vivid dream I ever had. If dreams hold within them some sort of subliminal message, I've yet to discover what the meaning was behind that one.

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