Friday, July 31, 2015

Love of Death

Death and love, or should I say love and death. Those are the main themes of my new short story entitled 'Beyond Obsession'. I once read about the serial killer, Ed Gein, and of his fascination of not only necrophilia, but also of literally dancing with the dead while under a pale moon in his towns local cemetery. The imagery I recalled stayed in my mind for sometime. I also remember reading about a strange German scholar and his relationship with a Cuban woman that stayed strong even after she caught Tuberculosis and died. So strong it was, he actually mummified her corpse to almost pristine condition and would act as if she was still living!
Perhaps it takes a rather macabre mind to make sense out of either of those scenarios, then again perhaps not. Both of those subjects are rather usual in the tale that is human existence. And, quite honestly, they don't seem all that different from each other.

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