Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Done at last!

Finally, my third book is finished! It has taken a month longer than I thought it would, but I have no complaints. Had it not been for the support of Ms.Anthropy I don't think I could have finished it at all. She made sure that everything ran as smooth as could be considering the circumstances. Elation and excitement are all that I'm feeling at the moment and now, as before, promotion is on my mind

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Standard issues of problems

I'm getting my third book finished this week. I'm very proud to say the least but, it has not come without it share of difficulties. The binders that I'm using have had trouble formatting the text, editing, getting the cover correct and so on. Every time I publish a book, I notice that with the publication comes a laundry list of problems. Ones that i consider quite petty. With that in mind, I can completely understand why people in the creative industry, be they music, art, movies, literature and so on get so easily annoyed when they are trying to finish a piece of work they are proud of only to face setback after painstaking setback. What pulls me through such disappointments till I get the results I want is a concept in my mind I never forget. The fact that I am doing something that separates myself from the numerous masses of non-achievers. That at the end of the day, I'm doing, and accomplishing, what I want to do. Someone who has not done such a thing, nor even tried, could never know the elation it brings!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fascinating Character

I have used many elements for my stories. Elements from history, mythology, superstition, and so on. Many of my stories are actually based on real life incidents. The witch craze and the burning times, the black plague, and numerous wars. I have also taken a lot of inspiration from actual people as well. The Marquis De Sade, Elizabeth Bathory, Aleister Crowley, Gilles De Rais, And Vlad Tepes (otherwise known as 'Dracula') are but a few out of many that have inspired me. And then there is the one character who is very prevalent in all my stories, the one character who has inspired me like no other. The Devil.
Ever since I was a young child, this character has brought to me nothing less than fascination. I believe it is this fascination, coupled with other reasons as well, that brought me to writing horror in the first place. It is with this character in mind that I have the point of view in my stories based around the villain.
I find it amusing that all ancient cultures have there own version of him. The Ancient Egyptians had two Gods that were very similar to the Devil, Atep and Set. The Ancient Greeks and Romans had Hades and Dis. Zoroaster, the religion of ancient Persia, had Angra Mainyu or 'Ultimate Darkness'. The Germanic's had Loki(whose daughter is appropriately named Hel). It is interesting to note that when the church in the dark ages actually put a face on the Devil, they took features from the Egyptian God Seth, and the Ancient Greek deity Pan. It is because of that, that people associate The Devil with serpents and him having horns and cloven hooves. Facts of this nature have inspired me my whole life and continue to do so today!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Third times the charm

Alas, I have done it again. The lovely Ms. Anthropy has again worked her magic and published my third book. As always, she was instrumental in the production of the book and her ambition and benevolence know's no boundaries. The excitement I feel at the moment is completely unexplainable. There is nothing in the whole world like holding a finished copy of your work in your hand, no matter what kind of work it may be. Now comes the tricky part, promotion.