Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A third book published

Again I have decided to get some of my works published. That would make three times in as many years. The next book I am going to publish is called 'Behold, the Darkness'. It is also a collection of several short stories, all with a significant meaning beyond the concept of horror. I try not to sway away from the style my previous books had because I consider it to be very unique compared to others in the writing world. There will also be a moral before each story, a devilish prose to try and make everyone understand the meaning of each tale. Aside from a few remaining details to be carried out such as the cover, which picture I am going to use on the back, and so forth, the book is basically done. When it is finally completed it will available at amazon.com. I will inform everyone of it's release date.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you believe?

My own personal philosophy has been for years 'You are what you believe in'.
I believe that this relates to most people in general. It usually takes a person who can break out of the mold of general thinking and believe in something lavish and grand to accomplish something that is worth doing. Although the same person will probably be criticized non-stop by his lesser thinking peers, they will no doubt be unique in the sense that their life will be worth something because of what they accomplish. And they will only accomplish it because of what they believe in. I try to set my sights to the skies if you will and never try to adopt beliefs that hinder me at all, be they religious or otherwise. Whenever I hear someone who states that they don't believe in anything I have to take a look at the core of what they have done in their life, the daily sense of positivity they feel, and what benefit they are towards others. Chances are, they are what they believe in!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Discovering haunted sites

In the horror movie 'The Entity', two paranormal researchers discover that a woman's home is haunted, and she is being sexually violated by the spirits, just from a simple conversation at the library. I believe that the most haunted places on earth are the places that really no one knows about. It is these places that I want to discover the most and the reasons would not be what the majority of people would think. I don't want to challenge the spirits or instigate any form of confrontation. My main objective would be to just prove to every form of skeptics that there is indeed life after death. Now the real question is 'How do I find such places?' I guess the truth is that you just have to keep your eyes open. If there is anyone out there that actually believes a certain residence is haunted, you can let me know whenever, however.