Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Excerpt from 'The Loss of Heaven'

This is an excerpt from my most recently completed story, 'The Loss of Heaven'. Again this story has the Wicked angel E'ferries as the main protagonist.

'For times unknown, they had been ignored. Waiting and preparing themselves for the precise moment. The fallen cherub E'ferries and his legion of demons had obsessively observed their celestial overlords every move. Channeling their rage and feelings of oppression, the darkened angel meticulously waited for the time when the defenders of the Heavens were at their weakest point...'

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Excerpt from 'Innocence Lost'

The following is an excerpt from a story I completed last year entitled 'Innocence Lost'.

'....Opening the chest, she was surprised to see that it was almost bare except for a few contents on the bottom. A small portrait of a beautiful girl in a nuns' habit, a mummified rose, and a leather-bound book, the kind most people wrote their memoirs on. Being that Francesca was a well-read child for her age, seeing the book infatuated her in much the same way toddlers are excited when seeing toys.Taking the book, she then duly cleaned the dust covered rocking chair. Making herself comfortable, she opened the book and lightly blew the dust off the pages...'

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Write what you feel

When it comes to revising your work, all I can say is to never let others influence what you are creating. Many times I have seen people get rejected from big publishing firms for whatever reasons and then they wind up believing that if they alter their work, then they'll finally be accepted. That shouldn't be the case. A true writer writes because it is what they feel, not to have everyone love their work. The black magician Aleister Crowley did not believe in revising his writings in the slightest as he thought they represented the holiness of what is the humanistic creative process. I follow a similar belief simply because I have a tremendous amount of faith in my abilities. People either accept you, or they don't. One thing I definitely have noticed about most of them is that they are extremely fickle about what exactly they 'like' and what they don't.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Love of Forests

I love walking through forests. When I lived briefly in both Washington state and Idaho, the forests there were simply serene. When I visited Europe all those years ago, the forests there definitely had a certain feel to them. In the ancient days, people believed that a spirit of the forest existed. I really don't know if I disagree with them. Modern day druids and pagans love to conduct their rituals in forests. To me, they are a major source of inspiration, especially when they have a haunted history. The Carpathian forests, for example, are said to be very haunted and I really hope that one day I'm able to go there.