Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well, I hope you all enjoyed the following excerpts from my first book. The themes for each story are different, but very similar in the fact that they pertain to a dark aspect of human nature, and imagination. The influences of each story were different. 'The Chalice' I wrote because of my interests in witchcraft and the notion that certain objects hold within them vast power. Power that is both literal and symbolic. I also included my belief that there are consequences for every decision made in life. 'The Demon and the Heretic' was based on several tales I had heard about people making deals with the infernal for reasons of vengeance. And with this tale, as well as all the others I had heard, The person who does this does not get at all what they had bargained for. 'To the Gallows' was a story that was actually based on true incidents. Johannes Junius was prosecuted and charged as a Witch in Germany in 1628. He was tortured until he gave his tormentors a false confession that ultimately led to his execution. Hearing his tale, I felt obligated to share it with the rest of the world in the form of my own story. 'The Sabbat' was a story based on the occurrences of what happens at a black mass. While it is widely believed that most of what was said about such happenings is indeed false, I had never before read a story dedicated to such an event. And I felt it was well worth looking into. Next month, I will be sharing more excerpts of my second book 'Blessings of Death'.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Excerpts from 'Praise the Shadows' 4. 'The Sabbat'

The following is an excerpt from the last story from my first book 'Praise the Shadows'. It's properly titled 'The Sabbat'.

'....Within the meadow, outside the trees, he could see at least a hundred. Perhaps there were more. To the steady rhythm of drumming they, dressed in black clad, danced and twirled, laughing and howling like wolves. Contorting their bodies into somersaults and hurling the most blasphemous terms known to man. It was clear to him that they were consumed by madness.
In the middle of the meadow, there was a large throne-like chair. Upon the throne sat a strange looking creature. It had the body of a man, but the head and legs of a goat. As the dancing continued, this creature simply observed with amusement, not speaking or moving. Clearly, the festivities were conducted in his honor. Clearly, it was he who exacted authority over all who were present. All except for the lone hidden observer.
The dancing continued. As some leapt through the air, others crawled on all fours, even bending backwards and touching the ground. Forwards and backwards, their bodies moved at a furious pace. Above the dancing mob he could see the familiar flock of ravens, the same his wife had left with. She must have been somewhere in the crowd, but he could not see her. What he did notice was the goat of the throne gesturing with his left hand which signaled an end to the dancing. Soon all bodies became still...'

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Excerpts from 'Praise the Shadows' 3. 'To the Gallows'

This next excerpt is from the third story of 'Praise the Shadows', 'To the Gallows'.

'My beloved Sandra, daughter and friend, Fate has run it's course to me. As my body lay broken, know that whatever I am accused, I am not the perpetrator. For in my timely existence I labored to be a righteous man. Such actions are deemed futile, as on the morrow my life ends on the gallows. The council of inquisition, by the use of terrible force, have coerced a confession worthy of my death. None have spoken on my behalf, for none have considered my life important enough to intervene. God himself has turned away from my sufferings. Only you, Sandra, have been the one soul who ever loved someone without the luxury of luck as myself. If anything else my child, be aware that tomorrow as innocent man dies.
Mercarto finished what would be the last letter ever written from his broken hands. Heavy was his heart. His only possession was the memories of a life not daunted with pain and fear. From inside his cell he could see the pale of moonlight. "How could a God who could create the Earth, the sky, and the Heavens allow my innocence to go unnoticed?" Rage was put aside. For any spirit he had left in him had been destroyed by cruel and unusual tortures by the filthy hands of the inquisition. Memories of a far distant life were the only comfort to a life that was surely to die by the coming dawn. There truly was no justice in this world.....'

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Excerpts from 'Praise the Shadows' 2. 'The Demon and the Heretic'

This excerpt is from the story 'The Demon and the Heretic':

'They say he was once a good man. They say a lot of things. If the circumstances are able, the light inside can escape all, even the most dignified of us. Such was this man's condition. For it had been nearly a decade since he was banished from the church. The institution that would have gladly burned him as well. It was truly a wonder that they let him live, But, he would be branded, as that of cattle. The shame he was forced to endure was beyond comprehension. Perhaps for the best-for Samael D'Lanquer replaced his benign spirit with one of pure contempt.
From the moment the steel touched his flesh, he dedicated his life to the dark arts and allowed hatred to grow. Fervently, he found his new passion. To make that wretched foundation pay with their blood.
With the mark of the Heretic upon his forehead, he secretly founded the 'Cathedral of the damned'. located within the nearby ruins of an old castle. Within the darkened walls of the Cathedral he summoned all demons and foul spirits who would make themselves present. Inquiring their unworldly wisdom and abilities, he made to them several promises. Promises that were expected to be fulfilled. Every night a ritual was conducted. A few candles lit the darkness of the castle and Samael would stand in the middle of a large pentagram, inciting strange words and incantations. After many unsuccessful attempts, an answer was made to his call.....'

Friday, August 12, 2011

Excerpts from 'Praise the Shadows' 1. 'The Chalice'

For the next few weeks I am going to show various pieces from the short stories in all of my books. I do hope you all enjoy them.

This is an excerpt from the first story of my first published book 'Praise the Shadows'.
It is called 'The Chalice'.

'She would make her way into the Earth. Looking for what always had been yearned for, the Chalice of Gregor. She was an ancient though she had a very youthful look to her. And like every ancient she possessed knowledge of magic. It was rumored that the Chalice could only be found in the Hell-fires under the Earth's core. None had before sought it, for many had disposed of it as a myth. A myth to most is unimportant but, to this ancient witch, it was a myth well worth searching for.
From the caves of the north she went on through the flames and the molt. It would be a great prize to discover such an object, for if attained, the Chalice yielded great power.
On and on she walked, and she would not cease a second no matter how deep she deep she would go. It's presence could be felt by her. It wouldn't be long before it was in clear view. A slight smile appeared across the witches' cheeks.
Behold, there it stood. On a rock that was shaped like an altar. Flames surrounded the whole area, yet she cared not as she reached out to caress it. Then, very unexpectedly, the flames began to resemble the form of a very large gargoyle. And it spoke: "There's a toll for that pretty. Come hither." She stayed where she was. It spoke again. "Come hither I say" Again she stayed where she was. This was not exactly the reason she came. "If you think you can just leave now, think again!.....'

Monday, August 1, 2011

Midnight at Greyfriars Kirkyard

Last year, when I went to Edinburgh, Scotland, I had an experience most would consider 'phenomena'. The lovely Ms.Anthropy and myself had taken the 'graveyard' tours through

Greyfriars Kirkyard(supposedly the most haunted place in Britain) and when they were over, the tour guide let us know that the graveyard was open to the public at all times. Going back to my hotel and taking a shower, I just couldn't get the thought out of my mind of heading back to the graveyard and truly seeing for myself if the tales told about Greyfriars, and of the notorious 'Mackenzie' poltergeist were indeed true. Grabbing my coat and heading out the door, I ran as fast as I could and before I knew it, I was there. When I got there, the graveyard literally looked like a scene out of a Peter Cushing movie. Fog was about three feet off the ground and the grave stones and tombs looked very wicked indeed. Looking at my phone, I was surprised to see that I had arrived at the witching hour of midnight. Walking to the Coventer's prison, I had to stand outside of the gate(which was locked. The only part of the Graveyard that is.) I then began to call out to the spirit of George Mackenzie(a notorious figure of Scottish history). After a few minutes of doing so, I looked around and noticed that everything seemed to be moving, but nothing was. It was as if time itself was standing still. I heard leaves rustle as if something was walking, but I saw no one. Looking around for about five minutes, things slowly began to become normal again. It almost felt like I was drunk, but I hadn't drank the whole time I was in Scotland. After another ten minutes of standing by the gates, I left. Leaving, I gave Bobby(The dog statue in front of the entrance of the graveyard) a pet. I don't know if I can consider what happened anything relevant, but what it felt like is a completely different story!