Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Lure of Extremism

Having to sit through a recent film that had themes relating with sadomasochism, I noticed a few things. The theater was virtually packed, mainly with women. A fact that made me think. The subject of extremism in any form, regardless of what those who fancy themselves as experts on the 'Human Condition' believe, causes a great deal of curiosity to most people simply for the fact that they are not presented with such subject matter on a regular basis. In relation to myself, while I was definitely not impressed with the film at all, I completely understand from personal experience how we must go beyond the limits of what is considered socially acceptable for any sort of creation process to be both genuine and mesmerizing. What simply shocked us yesterday won't even make us blink tomorrow. To command the attention of a jaded audience, we must be jaded in the most sincere definition of the word. Without such a condition present in the lives of those who wish to create, it is painfully obvious that anything that is created by them will barely be considered an afterthought. Such realities, as sad as they seem to the rest of the world, are a basic necessity to any horror writer. I doubt I would have it any other way!

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