Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lack of public interest?

I must say, I find it quite contrary when I turn my attention to the most popular films around today and notice that my favorite genre is almost nowhere to be found. Aside from a few direct to video releases, it seems that true horror is hardly produced at all. Such a grotesque fact makes me press even further for a resurgence, if you will. Perhaps one way to spearhead a direct change is to consider the mediums most of the more popular films use. Namely comics, or graphic novels. While walking through a book store a while back, I took immediate notice that the section displaying all of their graphic novels were almost completely absent of horror. This could simply be a sign of the modern times and of the lost interest that horror once commanded, though I pray it is not. And if indeed such a thing is true, maybe the public, weary of the mountain of regurgitated excuses for material, needs something new and darkly refreshing to rekindle such an interest. Something not so easily found in the domains of hack writers who simply aim to please everyone. 
One can only hope.

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