Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ah...The Coming of Autumn!

Alas, my favorite season has once again graced us. I really don't have enough good things to say about the Autumn season. The change in the weather, the Holiday of Halloween, The vibrant colors of spring slowly beginning to fade. It's magical. Yet, for the longest time, I really can't remember a year where my Halloween celebration wasn't anything more than just working on a short story or novel and passing out candy to a handful of teenagers. To me, Halloween is a pagan tradition that goes far beyond the simple act of handing out treats. It reverts back to a time where the general belief in magic was far beyond the nihilistic societal norms we have today. It also signifies a time where people had the ability to have a lot more amusement then we do today, as well.
I can't really help the morbid thoughts I've had for so long of attending a macabre masquerade ball or some sort of graveyard seance where I actually dance with ghosts and ghouls.
During Halloween nowadays, the best one can do is go to a club where the music they parlay too is so terrible it makes you want to go back home. It also gives notion to hooligans who use this sacred holiday as an excuse to become severely inebriated and obnoxious, like they cannot achieve such a thing on any other day?
Halloween most assuredly reinforces my own philosophy that if one wants to have a truly pleasurable experience, one has to provide it for themselves. Their own way and on their own terms.
Even still, I can't wait for it!

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