Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Excerpt from 'One Night in Csejthe'

The next excerpt that I am going to share with you all comes from the second story I have written in honor of the 'Blood Countess' Elizabeth Bathory. I have been infatuated with her since the first time I read about her years ago. The title of the story is 'One Night in Csejthe'

'Elizabeth Bathory, the infamous Blood Countess, spent the last of her days locked in a room in Csejthe castle. A fitting punishment when one considers her crimes. For it was there, in the dark and dank dungeons of Csejthe, where she and her minions tortured and murdered countless young girls. And where she would personally bathe in their blood.
When her sentence was carried out, the authorities that placed her there were convinced that they were finally rid of her, but little did they realize the Evil such a woman was capable of. Confined in a large room, there were no disturbances from the outside world what-so-ever. She was free to practice the black arts taught to her by Anna Darvulia, a known witch.
By way of incantation, she summoned to herself all manner of vile and loathsome spirits and by bargains gave to herself not only a quick and painless passing, but that which she had sought all of her life, eternal beauty!....'

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

'Church of the Wicked' excerpt

The following excerpt is from a most controversial story. There have been many tales that took a skeptical look at the resurrection of Jesus. Taking a lead from several of them, I decided to make my own approach. The story is titled 'The Church of the Wicked'.

'It should be known to all that the legends regarding the charlatan savior, known as Jesus of Nazarene, have all been lies. Indeed he was betrayed, not only by his own people the Jews, but by his own disciples as well. In the hour of his greatest need, while he has impaled upon the Roman cross, he himself would also be guilty of betrayal. The God that he supposedly placed above and beyond all other things earthly and otherwise, the same God that he spent countless hours praising and casting judgement on others for, he would find himself doubting and, consequently, cursing. When his faith was needed most, his human qualities replaced any that were considered divine. With pain as his only reality, upon the cross, he turned his eyes towards the Heavens and screamed out "My God, why have you forsaken me?!" Immediately, God responded in kind. His soon to come death was forever denied. Like Cain before him, he was plagued with immortality and forced to remain upon the Earth for all eternity. A rightful sentence for any betrayer....'

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Excerpt from 'The Devil's Magic'

The following excerpt is from a macabre tale properly titled 'The Devil's Magic'.
'....Using her charm and guile, in the dead of night, she called to Eve. She had sensed in Eve, from the moment of her creation, a fierce independence and resentment of all rules imposed on her, even if they were few. And knew that she would be a far easier target to tempt than Adam. Arising from her slumber, Eve could not help but follow the beautiful and majestic voice. Away from the view of Adam, Eve found the source of the voice, sitting atop the one forbidden tree in all of Eden. Approaching, yet keeping a safe distance from the tree, Eve was mesmerized. Aside from herself, Eve had never experienced a feminine beauty such as the beauty of her divine visitor. Her ability to resist temptation and seduction was non-existent. Knowing all too well of her vulnerability, The Devil climbed down the tree and moved closer to her....'

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Excerpt from 'The Black Forest'

The following is an excerpt from the story 'The Black forest'.
I wrote this story in honor of the forests of Eastern Europe, which were very thick and haunting and had carried with them many happenings worthy of mention.

'To the North, Astray from majestic mountains and under a ghostly moon of chaos lay the region of the Forest of Shadows. As ancient as time itself, with its lowly valleys and thick brushes of trees, it carried within itself a timeless soul. A soul marred with misanthropic inclinations. A soul of Winter. From the time before man walked the Earth, the Forest of Shadows was itself a place of desolation...'

Sunday, February 12, 2012

'Vengeance of Edmond' Excerpt

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share with you all excerpts from the my works that have not yet been published. I do hope you enjoy them.
The first excerpt is from a story titled 'The Vengeance of Edmond'

'On a hillside there were many. Watching. Staring more like it. A finely dressed puritan was declaring a speech before an indifferent crowd regarding an obviously browbeaten woman, somewhat in her thirties. "Julianna Davison! You have been charged with trafficking with the Devil." The crowd, mainly ignorant farm-working peasants watched on in silence, never daring any attempt to challenge the puritans authority. He spoke on. "By witness of our glorious church and of your near distant neighbor, the noble Franz Ruder, I hereby sentence you to immediate death!" The woman looked to the crowd. "I swear on my soul I'd never do such a thing. Please! I beg of you, show mercy!" She loudly began to sob. The crowd was unmoved. The puritan spoke again. "By rightful decree of the Council of Saints, let it be done!" Two large men walked the crying woman up to the gallows platform. Although she was crying, she made no attempt at a struggle. They placed her under the noose and fastened it around her neck. Then, they kicked out the stool from beneath her and a loud snap was heard. Her feet wiggled a little and then she was still. Her face pointing to the floor.
The arrogant puritan then addressed the still and silent crowd. "Take this as a lesson all of you who do not respect the sovereign authority of the church!"...'