Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'Beyond Obsession' Finally complete!!

After two months, three weeks and one day I have successfully completed my 32nd short story, even though its more like a novella in length, 'Beyond Obsession.' The themes of this particular story, plus the last two novels I completed, are so different from each other by comparison.When I look back on it, This particular one flowed like the Nile in terms of the easing of putting pen to paper, I cannot tell you how undeniably grateful that makes me; For anyone who has ever attempted to write a story can attest to how frustrating it can be to deal with writers block. All in all, a very pleasant experience and still the heart of a certain matter remains: What direction do I take now? Through the entire time I was working on this story that very question beguiled me and in truth I really don't know. I have now been writing for the better part of fourteen years and even though life can indeed be unpredictable, the passion for my craft is far from jaded. As I begin to type the story out(I always do my rough drafts the old fashioned way:Pen to paper), I have to look at those who's lust for the craft has escaped them, and, if you're a writer such as I, such a condition is almost equal to doom. If I can have my way, I'll be writing horror stories forever. I can only hope that life itself abides my decision!

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