Monday, December 5, 2016

2016 in retrospect

2016 was definitely a busy year for me. But, as far as my writing goes, I didn't complete my fullest aspirations though I was able to complete yet another novel. I worked two jobs for the majority of this year, visited another country(that's always fun), had a blast on Halloween, and wrote a ton of articles for the website Uncharted I spent a lot of time discovering new music on Youtube and watching a ton of old horror movies. I guess you can say that even though I really didn't get exactly to where I wanted to be, I still made a degree of progress and that's where my opinion of 2016 stands. It was a progressive year. I guess when your entranced by ambition, as I am, a progressive year is a most positive one.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Back to my roots

On a few of my last competed works, I've tested the waters with experimenting outside of my chosen genre.  While the results I produced were no less than stellar to my standards, the time has come to return once again to the root of all my passion. Namely, pure horror.
It has been almost two months since I completed my fourth novel, 'The Goblin Tale', and like a cyclical pattern I find the same familiar images of creation flooding my mind. The next story I have in my mind revolves around a magical ritual that several magus of old, including the great Aleister Crowley, attempted to replicate. I must admit that my interests, especially when I get into creation mode, can be quite whimsical, but the ones that linger are usually the ones I work with. And with that in mind, I feel it time to gather all elements useful to me in my processes and begin....

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Remind thyself daily

Marc Jasin, the CEO and founder of, had an interesting project for me to do the other day. He wanted me to research and create an article regarding some peculiar numerical patterns around the vicinity of Palm Springs(a place I've never been to, by the way). Knowing that he's probably been the nicest and most cordial writing boss I've ever had in my life, I went for it not knowing just how much research would be involved. I tell ya, a whole weeks worth was still probably not enough. But, before my self-imposed deadline was up, I was finished with it.
It was a lesson for me, not just involving the material I studied which, of course, was extremely interesting. But, of will and having to deal with what seemed like non-stop obstacles and frustration. Maybe that, more than anything, is the secret to life. I've been writing now for the vast majority of my life. I couldn't imagine my life without it. But, dealing with the ever-present array of obstacles within the writing world, the seemingly negative framework of the majority of people's minds, and every sort of unpredictability of life itself, you start to wonder about things.
I guess I have to remind myself that the key to life is simply to never give up. Everything else is simply elementary. Unless, you consider the time it takes to accomplish your standard of 'deemed' success. Forever then might be an understatement.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hardly any Horror Movies this month!

I disappointingly have noticed that this month, the spookiest month all year long, has a terrible shortage of Horror movies both in the movie theaters and on specialty channels, such as Netflix. What the reasons are for the shortage is truly beyond me, in truth the whole situation is just as much an annoyance as it is a disappointment. For Horror fanatics like myself, this is the one time of the year we look forward to simply for a new crock of scary material to experience. When our options are either regurgitated films or themes that have absolutely nothing to do with horror at all, words cannot express the disenfranchisement we can definitely feel. Don't get me wrong, most of the older horror films are my favorites yet this year the holiday of Halloween seems to be completely ignored. I guess such a situation gives credit to the age old saying "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!"

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Happy Halloween, Once Again!

I so very eagerly welcome the coming of the month of October. Honestly, it's probably my favorite month all year long, and with it comes what I consider a marathon of Horror movies, Occult documentaries, Venturing out to strange graveyards, and everything in between until the ultimate climax comes with the onset of Halloween! I can sincerely say that no other month has such an aura of magic nor the propensity of fun within it, it's not even close! And though I've probably stated this several times, the witchy traditions of Halloween are what I generally pay attention to. Oh how would I love to have this day be everyday, once and for all!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

"The Goblin Tale" Finally Complete!

After nearly a whole year of working and writing, I have the pleasure of acknowledging that the first story of my Dark Fantasy series "A Goblins Tale" is now complete. As with each story I have ever written, this one was, yet again, a testament of will. I don't know how many times some trivial event got in the way of my progress or how many times I considered changing the theme of my work. Yet, for all faults and purposes, passion always prevailed and I would always find myself alone at my writing desk with nothing but the images provided to me by the other side for guidance.Even though this particular chapter of the series is over, I remind myself daily that there is at least two more novels worth of material that still needs to be written and the truth is, I really don't know how long such an endeavor will take. Does it even matter?
When all is said and done, I can honestly say that I am overall pleased with the direction the story took. As with every one of my others, it clasped its own destiny and I felt like I was simply holding my pen to paper as the driving force behind my stories possessed its own narrative. An extension of my stories 'The Chalice' And 'To the Victor the Spoils', to say that I am excited of what the second chapter holds of this deranged yet fantastical tale is a definite understatement!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Praises for the Coming of AUTUMN!!

Even though this year has been so unbelievably busy for me, I like to take time to reflect on the current season. Autumn holds within it a very special place in my heart. I can't explain it, yet I find it so magical and appealing to every aspect of imagination. The changing of colors and climate, not to mention to coming of my most adored holiday:Halloween. The mere thought of it conjures up fascinating imagery of Demons, Witches, Jack-o-lanterns, and the Devil. It's around this time of the year that I indulge myself in nonstop marathons of Horror movies(Mostly Occult ones from the 1970's), drink whole rivers of wine, and read about obscure rituals and rites from across the globe. Thank the Gods for such a time, for life would be so monotonous without it!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Seville trip was EPIC!!

Ah, another trip to and fro across the Atlantic has taken place. Seville, Spain has to be one of the most fascinating and beautiful places the world has to offer. So many facets of intrigue were there to keep my whole trip mesmerizing. The food alone has to be some of the best in Europe, period. I, for one, hadn't tried Tapas that much, and then you have the wine! Some of the best in the whole world!! The architecture spoke of both indigenous and Arabic influences and the parks surrounding the Historical Center were absolutely fabulous. Like the rest of Europe, there are streets that look completely alike, so be prepared to be patient if you get lost, I sure did!
Like every trip I've ever had, the magical aura that permeated out of every experience is enough to keep me motivated for a million more of them! And, the Spanish people themselves were nothing less than excellent so its an absolute guarantee that I'll definitely be going back there some day.
Much appreciation to all involved with this trip for giving to me another priceless cache of the most important things in my life: Memories!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

First half of 'The Goblin's Tale' completed!

Well, It's been over eight months since I started my Dark Fairy Tale 'The Goblin Tale' and I'm happy to say that is half way completed. Needless to say, It's a testament to will and perseverance to say the least. I had been working two jobs for the majority of time on it, and some times I would be so exhausted I couldn't keep my eyes open yet I would always find time to write, even if it was only a few paragraphs. I enjoy the direction the tale has gone, something I couldn't possibly have planned for in the beginning.
A writer writes, always. And I feel the worst step one can make in life is no step at all. That being said, I have no idea how much longer the rest of the story will take to complete nor do I know if it is going to take a million strange turns. As long as it turns out to be what I consider a masterpiece, it really doesn't matter.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Spain in August!

Sometimes, You have to take life by the proverbial horns. Aside from working a strenuous full time job and working on my new dark fairy-tale, I have planned a trip to Seville, Spain in August. I know I have made several plans for trips in the past that never fell through  but this time, I'm literally making myself go. I don't yet know what has captivated more about Spain: Maybe it's the history, the culture, the food and wine, the architecture, I can't put my exact finger on it. One thing is for sure, few places in the world have the allure Spain does. Then there's the Macabre aspect of it. Spain was home to the Spanish Inquisition, The religious order responsible for some of the grisliest tortures and who knows how many killings in the Middle Ages. I've wanted to go for ages yet life always seemed to prevent me. To me, the best part of all of it I'll have plenty more of what I consider what is best to collect in life: Memories.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another Recurring Character

During the whole of my writing career, I've created several characters unique for their wickedness. Yet, I've noticed that I rarely use them more than once. The ones that are an exception to the rule are few: First, there's the Hellish Demon E'ferries. And the other one, just as intriguing with a tad more feminine flair, is the Feral Forest Witch, Tundra. I first used her in my tale 'The Chalice', and because I had so much enjoyment with the approach of her character, I used her again this time in a lesser part in the story 'To the Victor the Spoils'. Lo and Behold, with the progression of my dark fairy tale "The Goblin Tale" coming to task, I have once again decided to give her a role. One that is instrumental in the origins of the lead character, Gnellroth. There are several characteristics to Tundra which inspire me to keep experimenting with her. For one, She is a follower of the Greek goddess Hecate. Despite being ancient in years, she maintains a youthful and beautiful appearance. And, she possesses a cunning and merciless personality.
Considering the new story, I have been pressed for time to say the least. But, little by little and day by day it, like all the rest before it, has taken on a life of its own. When it's finally going to be completed is a sure fire mystery to me. I can only hope it doesn't take that long I''m already in a complete hurry to read the final cut!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Value of Passion

Disappointment, discouragement, disgust. Three words every creative individual must certainly feel at times, especially when their ambitions and desires don't come to fruition as soon as they would like. Such predicaments must beg the question: What does it take? What is the absolute key mainstay in achieving all one could ever hope for? I have seen the so called resolution promoted in general media, on the pages of self-help gurus, alternative religious texts, and so on but the truth is, for me, that society's answers generate just as much confusion as the question itself. Is the answer just plain old hard work? I'd like to think that it is, but then I have to remember that there are millions of people who worked harder than an Ancient Egyptian slave and achieved virtually nothing. Is it focusing your thoughts to the degree of a magnet? Perhaps, but again, most people trying that approach today have just as many complaints about the time length of goal accomplishment, if it ever actually does happen, than they have praise for it. Is 'Success' something you have to be born into? While it definitely helps to have inner connections with the creative world, the best material I have ever read or seen came from the hands of those who were relatively obscure. So, I can't say I am even close to achieving my own version of any answer to such a predicament. What I can say is this, Passion is something you either have or you don't. You can't buy it. You can't steal it or borrow it, and you definitely can't fake it for very long. Eventually, if you're in any way attached to the creative, it's going to be the only driving force behind your works. That is usually the difference of those whose works are worth remembering and those we forget about daily.
So that, to me, is most important aspect of the creative. Constantly rekindling passion and the need to add perfection in all we create. If we can do that and truly be satisfied with all that we do, maybe that is the true nature of success. If not, carry on I say. Carry on

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Second Story Reviewed on Creepy Pasta!

I love it when history repeats itself in a positive way. I had my second short story reviewed on 'Creepy Pasta' and needless to say I am elated! Within two days I've had almost 900 views and there's no sign of them slowing down. To me, it's just another example of the journey of being a horror writer coming to fruition. So, to all of you following a similar path, the best advice I can give you is to just keep on with what you're doing and things will work themselves out, no matter the time it takes

Friday, March 18, 2016

Best Horror Film of 2016, thus far

I recently had the privilege of watching what I feel is the best Horror film of 2016, so far. 'The Witch' had cinematography that reminded me of past horror classics and was also based loosely on many of the mythologies surrounding historical witchcraft. From the beginning of the film to its climax ending, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It was quite refreshing to myself, especially, when considering that horror is a genre that is best considered an obscure cliche today. I'm happy to say there is still hope for the future of it

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Almost 4000 views on 'Creepy Pasta'!

I'm happy to say that I'm elated that my short story 'The Tale of the Torturer' has close to 4000 views on 'Creepy Pasta'. I'm also very excited that two other of my stories are going to be up for review as well. I'm always looking for other media to share my darkened dreams with the masses and am very grateful such a site exists. I think that is what makes today special for writers of every genre. There are several avenues online to reach an audience, something most of yesterday's writers had absolutely zero luck trying. That being said, I wonder if there are other sites that are similar out there

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pressing on, as usual

My time lately has been non-existent. Having taken on the ambitious endeavor of working two jobs and writing my new dark fantasy when time presents, I can honestly say I have a much deeper appreciation for rest, namely sleep. I can literally say I have worked the last month non-stop and still the passion remains. I believe that sometimes a writer must prove to themselves just how far they are willing to go to achieve their greatest aspirations, even if it means having no life outside of work and production. It always makes me remember something my first employer told me when it came to 'Getting Rich', as he would say. ' You go do what the other guy won't do'
Perhaps the same principle rings true with the creative world.
Since there are literally thousands of writers, and I don't know how many other artists of other trades, maybe the only way to get noticed outside of them all is to simply press on.
If, or if not the case, I don't see any other option presenting itself to me at the moment. And maybe that's a good thing

Monday, January 11, 2016

R.I.P David Bowie

I was deeply saddened by the news of the tragic passing of rock Icon David Bowie. I thought he was the ultimate trend setter in both music and stage performance of his era. As Ziggy Stardust he set the precedent for glam rock bands and to a degree, Hair bands as well. His crossover to films was exceptional too. I thought his portrayal of 'Labyrinth's' The Goblin King was ten times better than any Hollywood regular could achieve  and his delving into obscure subjects, such as the Occult was also a testament to his artistry. I grew up listening to him and will never forget all of his fantastic contributions to everything he was involved with. He truly had a golden touch

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Problem with 'Dreams'

'Dream'. The word itself con notates images of subconscious and non-attainable fantasies beyond all sense of imagination. I find it quite ironic that when people discuss the subjects of achieving goals, especially when they pertain to ones destiny, the very terminology they use can actually be counterproductive. Even though I more than understand that no ill will is meant when someone says to anyone that they should always strive to 'live their dreams', I honestly believe they should spend more time to decipher what it is they really mean. Specifics might be more along the lines of 'Strive to attain your highest aspirations'  or 'Achieve your most desirable potential' because I feel if your not totally specific, than anyone you might wish those positive influences on might waste more time 'chasing' the dream than actually living it. When you consider that a dream is little more than an uncontrollable series of visions one experiences when they submit to slumber, to wish someone a life revolving around the same dynamic leaves plenty to be desired.