Sunday, November 15, 2015

No 'Off' season for writers

In writing, as in with life, if your goal is to be the bringer of masterpiece creations, it might suit you best to realize that there is definitely not an off season, if you will. Far too many times I have seen would-be writers create one book, be it a novel or compilation, and have the rest of their creative efforts run stale. I consider this the equivalent of composing one song in music and fancying one's self a musician. Writers write, regardless if they've just completed the greatest story ever told or one that nobody is ever going to see, ever. If you fancy yourself a writer, you must also consider yourself a well-spring of creativity. Endless ideas and a non-stop work ethic to put those imaginings to paper should be second nature and, to myself, that priority is the sole difference between those whose works are remembered and revered, and those that are not.
If your sole purpose for being a writer is to simply concoct one lone tale or novel, your no different that someone who wants to act in one movie, or sitcom and declare themselves an actor. Quantity, plus a excellent standard of quality in all one's works, speaks volumes.

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