Friday, April 3, 2015

Horror Critics should be Horror fans!

I, myself, am extremely wary of critics, especially when it comes to critics of horror. I have heard several times of books of certain genre's being reviewed by those who, in fact, were not even fans of the genre. I find the whole notion of such an opinion biased to say the least. Only horror fans should be able to properly judge any work of horror! And why such people waste their time giving their exaggerated opinions is beyond anyone's comprehension. Perhaps the genre they favor has no time for their point of view, therefore, such judgments are indeed worthless!
If anyone is to lower themselves to the position of critic, which is one of the few positions which anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can achieve, it would do well for them to at least achieve it in a genre they actually can find favor with.
Those critical of horrors works should be horror fans themselves!

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