Monday, March 9, 2015

On the subject of Human Will

Its very revealing of our societal value system when we realize how much emphasis is placed on both intellectual and physical capabilities. While both of those elements are indeed important to a degree, in my opinion they both pale in comparison to an aspect of human nature that is usually highly overlooked: The subject of Human will. I find this subject fascinating for so many reasons I can hardly touch on all of them with one simple blog post. This element which is present in all of us yet utilized by so very few can truly make the difference between mere mortals and demigods! I cannot stress how many times I have personally seen people who were talented, physically gifted, and blessed with brilliant intellect throw in the towel in the game of life when fortune turned sour. I cannot recall how many of them fell prey to afflictions so base as substance abuse and never recovered or waste their potential other ways. Yet, take a simple soul with fortitude and determination that is unequally resilient, chances are good they WILL accomplish whatever they set their minds to. In our society we have 'Experts' and 'Specialists' that range in every subject one can imagine, but I'd be hard pressed to find one expert on the subject of Willpower, or one who even mentions it. One name does come to mind though, as far as a pioneer that stressed the importance of it. A man who died years ago.

Aleister Crowley was a rather controversial figure. His name was associated with a wide range of taboo subjects. Sexual deviancy, black magic rituals, and indulgence were just a few. However, his life study was Thelema, or Human Will. His comprehensive findings on the subject could rival any college professor quite easily. It was Crowley that first stated that will was much more important than physical attributes, which fade completely through time, or intellectual capabilities. Considering that basically no one has gone into severe depth on the subject since Crowley, I'd say the man was way ahead of his of time.
 Nevermore was there a more true statement made:Where there's a will, there's a way!

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