Monday, May 3, 2010

Strange sources of inspiration

So far in my life (and I'm 32 by the way) I have completed 2 books, 24 short stories in total, and about 25 poems. In my downtime I always find myself probing every imaginable facet searching for both inspiration and motivation. And they come to me in the strangest ways. One time, while I was working at an art museum, I was down in the museums' library and I discovered a book on magic, sorcery and alchemy. Being that the museum was a folk art museum, you could say that such a book was a definite oddity. But, it did turn out to be such an intersting read. In fact, there has been a few stories I wrote which were inspired from the material I read from it.
My travels have also been a strange source of inspiriation. Twice I have been to Europe, Scotland and Czech Republic respectively, and both of those countries had somewhat of a haunted history. Seeing the chilling yet beautiful architecture and visiting sites that were declared 'disturbed' by a supernatural force, I could not help but absorb the feelings of terror that were emulated there. Grayfriars, for example, was especially frightful (I loved it!)
One of my inner most desires is to spend the rest of my days traveling to hauntingly strange and beautiful places. Places that have historical significance.
Egypt, Romania, the Carpathian Mountains, Bathory's castle in Slovakia (Csejthe), the list never stops. I also have an interest in visiting places that are officially haunted. but, I definitely am not interested in seeing any places I consider 'touristy'.
Music is another strange but strong source that inspires me. Metal music in particular I like because of it's sinister themes and rhthyms. When I'm writing, I consider it almost a ritual to play metal music and I cant imagine how my material would be without it!

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