Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Future plans

In roughly six months from now(or a little longer) I plan to publish my third book, 'First in Hell'. Of course it's going to be written in the style similar to my first two books with 4-6 short stories, a moral prose at the beginning of each story, a fantastic cover, an about the author page, author photo, and so on.
With all that is going on right now for my first and second books, I still try to plan ahead and make sure that all my goals are being met. I'm planning a trip this Halloween to New Orleans to visit the grave of Marie Laveau, voodoo queen of the 1830's. I'm sure that I will leave no stone uncovered as far as all details are concerned.
That is another thing I plan to do more of. Travel to strange and haunting sites and write about them. Too bad that most of the 'really' haunted places are probably far from my home and probably my country as well. Doesn't really matter.
In my honest opinion, the most haunted places are places that are not really given a lot of media attention. I've been to several places that the media referred to as 'haunted' and it was nothing but a marketing ploy, something I am not in the least bit interested in. Hopefully, there are a few places that are genuinely 'Disturbed' if you will, so that way I can visit them and actually experience 'Something' worth experiencing.

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