Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nothing beats persistence

I can't count how many times some unexpected obstacle has come up and delayed any goal I have had. I say delayed because I will eventually accomplish the goal in hand, but it will sometimes take years. My first book went exactly this way.
It took so much from me to continue the task even though I felt like quitting the entire time. My first publisher, the one I have mentioned before, was nothing less than ridiculous. It took her three years(and she still didn't finish mind you) to do a job any real professional would have finished in two weeks. Part of the reason I gave her so much slack was because it was my first publishing experience and I thought if I were to press her for results that she would just take my money, avoid me, and not do what she was supposed to. Lo and behold, she did exactly that.
Even after I was done dealing with her there were still many hurdles. And everywhere I turned there were more and more obstacles. Getting the book reviewed was a constant problem. People would offer, and I would send them a copy, but then I would never hear from them. And I don't even want to mention marketing.
But, if anything, there was a lesson to be learned. I don't care who you are, if you want to truly get anything done, you will hold steadfast no matter the circumstances that present themselves. What can I say? Nothing beats persistence

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  1. Some notable people from the past had failed many times, then succeeded after several attempts. They have become known since then. Good luck in your new book, I hope it would be available in our local bookstore soon.