Monday, May 10, 2010

Staying productive

So far this year I have gotten myself a marketer, published my second book, and written my 24th short story. Entitled 'The Alchemist', It's inspired by a true event that happened centuries ago. A grizzly event that involved a wicked french nobleman who slaughtered several children in the name of greed.
I try to make it a habit of writing continuously. Isn't always easy.Last year I averaged out about a story every three months, which, believe it or not, is pretty good compared to some years I've had. Why it was in 2006 that I didn't finish even one story. I had started one of course, but I didn't finish it. You know that saying 'Life is what happens when your busy making other plans', I guess that rings true for me sometimes.
I consider it almost healthy for me to write, because when I'm not writing I don't really feel productive at all. And it does not matter how much I am doing in the meantime. And the feeling of not beling productive leads to depression each and every time. I consider time a precious resource and thats probably why I loathe writers block as much as I do.
I have very little recollection of writing most of my stories. It's like they assume a life of their own. Sometimes, it's like it's beyond perfect how the material, the words, the inspiration I need to come up with, It's like it all just fits together. And it's because of that fact that I truly distrust (and for the most part dislike) any sort of editor or critic. I mean, when you think about, all they really are is someone who has never created anything who thinks they have the right to ridicule or worse, dissect someone else's work. I mean, how would the story Dracula look today if Bram Stoker took it to a modern day editor or critic? I'm pretty sure you would get a completely different story. Most likely an inferior one that was just designed to please 'everyone'.

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