Saturday, May 29, 2010

Writing to 'shock'

A marketing friend once told me that the majority of books are found out through word of mouth, meaning people read them and then talk about them with their friends who then talk about them with their friends and so on. Getting people to pay attention I guess is the tricky part. I have learned in my life that the majority of people have about a 15 second attention span and with that in mind, I am trying to discover new and intriguing methods to make them interested.
But it always amazes me when I really take notice and see what they are usually paying attention to, literature wise. For women, it is usually Romance novels and there are literally hundreds of them and they all have the same storyline. For men, it is political or courtroom thrillers which are about as interesting to me as going to the dentist. Both of these genre's are so overplayed that it boggles the mind!
And lets not forget the plethora of 'feelgood' self-help books that people read because they think just by reading them that their little lives are going to miraculously change overnight, you'd be surprised how many people actually believe that.
I, myself, am looking for an audience that still enjoys to be shocked. Isn't always easy in such a jaded world, but I do try. In that sense I can equate myself with the classic and controversial writer, The Marquis De Sade. The time at which he wrote was delicate to say the least, and the material he created was considered so vile that it almost cost him his life. But still his passion was there. Mine is as well.

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