Friday, May 7, 2010

A new book!

Just this week I published my second book 'Blessings of Death'. I'm very excited to say the least. Everything in the production-the stories chosen to be included in it, the cover, the 'about the author' page, everything- is fantastic. It was only a little while ago that I thought I would never get my first book published let alone a second one.
I can't reiterate it enough the satisfaction you feel when you are staring at the final copies. If only only the rest of the world shared my dark visions and blackened dreams. Who knows, maybe they just might one day.
I have my own strange rituals, if you will, that I include in the publication process.For instance, During the creation of 'Praise the Shadows', Me and the lovely Ms.Anthropy(My publisher) went to an old cemetery and took pictures that were to be included in the book. We've also gone to forests, an old house that was reportedly haunted, and some old ruins. Its always helpful to keep the whole process interesting, and therefore more fun.
When I write, sometimes I'll don a black cape and some corpse paint just to get that much closer to the horror theme. You can imagine how much fun I have when Halloween comes around!
Now that I've finished another book, I'm probably going to plan out my third one. I don't know who said it, but it's true: "A writer writes. Always."

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