Sunday, May 16, 2010

Even the greats are ignored, sometimes

I once read that it took Stephen King several rejections before he actually became noticed. I also read that the age-old horror writers like Poe, Lovecraft, and Stoker died penniless and were long dead before they were given the recognition that they deserved. Such tales usually make me depressed when hearing them. It makes me realize just how fickle it all is sometimes.
But then I realize why it is that such talented writers never achieved stardom in their lifetimes. It's not like they didn't deserve it. I personally feel that only those with an appreciation of the finer things, literature included, pay attention to the true greats. And unfortunately, the vast majority do not. Most people only pay any notice to anything when everyone else is noticing it also. So, if you are in any way original in anything, you may have to get used to being ignored. And being ignored is most definitely loathsome indeed!
But perhaps that is the price you pay for your service to passion. I make sure that every one of the stories that I write is not regurgitated in any way. Sure, the theme of horror has been being used since at least a hundred years ago however, the majority of the plots you see today are just a bunch of blended genre's and are usually someones idea of what is going to 'sell'. How absurd!

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