Monday, May 3, 2010

Controversial interests

Being a horror writer, you could say I am very interested in many controversial subjects. Anything that turns heads, or stomachs, usually captures my attention. Subjects such as murder, satanism, war, and any sort of human vice are the easiest to write about because, quite frankly, they are the most entertaining. I don't necessarily condone such practices, but, without them it would make for supremely dull subject matter.
I definitely have a deep interest in the Occult. As I have lived a life far from ordinary, things of a mystical nature appeal to me. Call it absurd if you will, but I believe that there is a great deal of wisdom to be learned through less than conventional means. It's also very helpful with the creative process if your belief system is anything beyond rigid. But, as the subject of the Occult is concerned, I consider myself nothing more than a student.
I'm actually quite weary of those who claim to be anything more when dealing with Occult subjects because, I feel, there is really no way to prove otherwise. You'd be surprised how many egocentric quacks there are out there!
I once read about a famous magician who said that "Magic is the ability to manifest one's will". That quote has stayed with me for years. And in that sense, I guess I have been trying to do just that.

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  1. I think I'm gonna look forward to these controversial subjects you are going to write or maybe post in your blog? I believe with what you said that we gain wisdom from anything unconventional..