Sunday, May 23, 2010

A few of my favorite things

One of my favorite things to do is to visit cemeteries. I truly enjoy the serenity and I feel myself connected to the dead. Believe me, if I could communicate with them, I would. When I was in Europe many years ago, I was in pure bliss because their graveyards were so elaborate compared to those in America. At least I thought so.
I think I spent the majority of my trip wandering through countless rows of headstones and viewing crypts and tombs I can only describe as marvelous. Such acts might be considered morbid by some, but it is better to be morbid than monotonous I always say.
If I wasn't a writer I'd probably be a mortician. Just to be able to be close to the dead would be so uplifting. To share their 'peace' if you will. They fascinate me.
Forests too. The thicker the better. There really is no better way to spend an afternoon than walking through a thick, beautiful, and haunting forest. To wonder what history lies within it. In Prague, I walked through a forest known as the 'Black Forest'. It was supposedly haunted and it felt utterly wonderful.
The Carpathian forests are what I would like to visit next. Their history is quite interesting. And I'm sure there are several others in the world I would like to see.


  1. If I'm going to travel in Europe, I'd probably check the cemeteries too. Though this may not sound acceptable, but I've thought of getting married in a cemetery... Around 12 MN preferably.

    Now I'm thinking is there even a guy who would want that setting? :)

  2. Nothing wrong with graveyards, and anybody in their right mind should love the Witching hour.
    And if you ever do go to Europe check out Greyfriars in Edinburgh,Scotland. It is absolutely phenomenal!