Thursday, May 13, 2010

from pain to passion

Everyone experiences pain at some time of their life. From what I have seen of it in my life all I can say is it is usually less than pleasant. Tell you the truth, I had such a hard time in my teens that I'm really surprised that I made it this far. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.
My point of view on pain and sufferring in general might be considered unconventional, but I believe you have to use them to make sure that they weren't in total vain. I mean, every single negative emotion can be used in several ways but I believe that you have to use them in ways that are beneficial to you, namely the creative process. I have seen several people misuse their emotions and lash out at the world and do more harm to themselves than anything else. In that sense, it was all for nothing.
I try to take every terrible thing that has happened to me and have it fuel my passion for writing, living, everything. I guess that may be an underlying reason for me getting involved in writing in the first place, and writing horror no doubt. Every story I have written has in it a undertone that involves some sort of negative emotion and when I'm writing I try to focus on those particular emotions be it anger, hatred, bitterness, ect. That way I can at least make something positive out of it and if I can do that, then in a sense, I prevail!

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