Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the writing process

The creative process is definitely nothing to be scoffed at, Especially when it's something you have spent the majority of your life doing. Such as I have.
Because I create horror stories, I make sure that all proper elements are present when I write. Black candles, skull props, metal music (usually with an occult or devilishly wicked theme), Black roses, etc are all used by me to create a certain feel, if you will. I also like to surround myself with mirrors to create the feeling that I'm in a sub-real dimension. Believe it or not, it helps.
I also keep myself consistently mentally stimulated by reading or viewing material that is related to whatever horror theme I have chosen to write about.
For instance, when I was writing a story about the black plague of the dark ages, I watched many documentaries that not only discussed the plague itself, but would portray how cadavers would look once they were smitten by the plague. I feel that research should be used not just as a means of information, but also to keep yourself interested in the subject at hand.

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