Saturday, May 22, 2010

A unique protagonist

Certain Horror writers create protagonists that are surprisingly unique, and in a way connected some how to the author. Bram Stoker had 'Dracula', Anne Rice had 'Lestat', H.P. Lovecraft always wrote about the 'Necromonicon'.
I have created a character that I often use in my own stories. The demon E'ferries.
He has appeared in five of my stories and I guess I use him to best represent Hades, or the underworld. Being a demon, he is , of course, evil in every which way possible with a hatred towards humanity that is completely unrivaled.
I really don't remember the reason that I created him. But I do know that in my stories, I always have the reader follow the story from the point of view of the villain. I feel too many stories focus on the viewpoint of the hero, and rarely in any stories (even horror stories) will the villain be anything more than a afterthought. So, in almost every one of my works, the villain is the main character.
As with E'ferries, I tried to apply the characteristics only a demon would have. Cruelty, deception, intense brutality, yet possessing a swagger truly worthy of a noble. There is even a story about him that revolves around nothing more than the demon boasting of his exploits.
Of all the characters I have created, he is the one I have used the most.

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