Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Using emotion

Being a writer in a genre such as Horror, I have to be able to work with many different emotions. The ones I usually work with are the ones that are considered 'negative'. Fear, rage, hatred, hostility, and depression among others. Emotion helps me set the tone, if you will, for the direction of the story. And, with the help of the subject matter, it adds to the content. I have to be especially careful with it because most of my stories are seen through the eyes of the villain.
Experiencing such emotions in my personal life helps me relate to what the characters in my stories must be feeling, and thereby, helps with the creative process.
I have heard that many famous horror writers from the past lived such emotions. Writing horror was the ultimate outlet for what they considered a 'cursed' existence.
Many of them were alcoholics or drug addicts and the vast majority of them died penniless. But, I give a great gratitude to them and the tradition they carried. I, myself, strive to continue on their tradition with the standards they so daringly set. As I find myself on the cusps of obscurity, it makes me wonder if their is indeed a curse associated with those who write horror. If, in fact, there is one it would not surprise me one bit but it would take more than that to make me stop!

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