Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pathetic practices of publishing bodies

I remember hearing about how, out of frustration or to try and prove a point, a person took various pieces of well-known classic literature and sent it all to a publishing company only to have the company reject it. To me, this was a blatant example of how ineffective most major publishing companies are when judging material.
I'm almost certain that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of extremely talented writers out there of all genre's that will probably never even get noticed because of this sad fact. So, it makes me wonder. Do they even pay attention to what the public actually likes? or, do they feel that they can conceivably dictate what is or is not supposed to be accepted? Either way it's pretty nauseating!
It is becoming more of a rarity to have any writer worth their salt approached at all by companies that implore such tactics. It is my honest opinion that a practice such as this one is the reason that the literary community is faltering to say the least.
I, myself, have had plenty of experience regarding the frustration when dealing with such supposed 'experts' of publication. In my younger years I sent out something to the extent of 60, that's right 60, query letters and didn't even get one response. I'm not alone in this horrible circumstance though. The famous author Stephen King had to endure an estimated 80 rejections of his work!

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