Friday, June 25, 2010

Moment of Sadness

I usually try to not let my emotions dictate any sort of action, but today I had some sadness I couldn't quite ignore. My Siamese cat disappeared and I'm pretty sure she went off to die by herself. She was over 23 human years old. Being a total animal lover, you could say that right at this moment in time I'm a little more than depressed. When you have such a connection to an animal, any animal, when they pass away part of you passes with them. I don't know how many pets I have lost in the past, but it was always the same. The loss and emptiness that you feel doesn't end quickly enough and you can never really replace them. Although I admit that I am into some pretty twisted things, I guess that is the part of me that will always cling to what you could call humanity. Whenever I see animals that are dead on the side of the road or abused in any way, I feel terrible for them. I don't think I share the same feelings for people. For all their supposed 'inferiority' I think animals possess noble traits that people could learn from. All people. And though I know I will get over losing her, I know I am going to miss her forever.

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