Sunday, June 20, 2010

Starting Another Short Story

It's been almost two months and now it's time to start working on another short story. The one that comes to mind is a concept I have had in my mind for some time now. Labeled 'One Night in Csejthe', it is based in the castle of the Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory. I have to admit she is definitely one of my favorite historical characters. Anyway, the story will revolve a bunch of dim-witted ghost hunters who travel to Slovakia (where the castle is located) to try and see if indeed the castle is haunted. Needless to say, in my story they get much more than they bargain for. Now all I have to do is develop the storyline a bit more. And that is usually what takes the longest. You see, when you start a story you should have a pretty good idea of where you want to go with it, otherwise writers block will set in and that is most assuredly nerve-wracking. So, of course, I am doing a bunch of research on the castles appearance, it's terrain, etc.
It takes me usually two to three months to plan, start, and then complete a story. If it takes me any longer it is usually because of some external factor that is blocking my concentration in some way, and I cannot stand when that happens! Hopefully, for the rest of my days I can still keep coming up with material that is unique, original, and wicked as Hell!

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