Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first book

My first book is entitled 'Praise the Shadows'. It is roughly 84 pages long and contains 4 short stories and 4 short morals. The names of the stories are :
1. The Chalice
2. The Demon and the Heretic
3. To the Gallows
4. The Sabbat
This book was definitely a laborious piece of work but not so much in the creative process. Getting it published took a long time because of the shady publisher I have mentioned about before. Also everything else included was a challenge as well because I was not at all familiar with the publication process (ISBN#, Library of Congress#, Bar-code, etc) being it was my first time with such an endeavor. After waiting, and wasting, three years with the would-be con artist, I almost decided to give up on the whole thing.
I was pleasantly surprised that when I decided to keep pressing forward how everything I was doing started to suddenly fall into place, mainly because of a mysterious and beautiful woman I had met while working in a mental institution. Someone I would know from then on as 'Ms.Anthropy'. The second she started to help me, it was literally effortless. She even chose the picture on the front cover (A masterpiece if I must say so). One lesson I learned from the whole ordeal, among many others, is even though the universe may seem like it's closing doors, in reality, it is opening ones you never would expect.

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