Friday, June 11, 2010

Ignoring the critics

I find it rather amusing that anyone pays any attention to critics. I mean these are the people that have never in their lives sought to do anything other than blatantly insult someone else's work. Has anyone ever noticed that most of them are never satisfied with anything anyone has done. That they always have to add in their filthy two-cents, even if it makes them look absolutely ridiculous. I personally feel that the reason they are so condescending is because of jealousy. I'm pretty sure that they know for a fact that they will never be able to create anything worth paying attention to and they lament so terribly about this, that the only release they have from such misery is to lam bast someone who can in fact create something immaculate.
Although none of them would ever admit to such a dubious character flaw, To me it's pretty obvious. Why else would they waste their time belittling anyone else's work, no matter how profoundly awful they found it to be? Interesting question I'd say.
And when you look at the material that most of the critics give praise to, it makes you have even less respect for them. It's like the only work they appreciate is based on popularity, not substance.
No matter how you look at it, critics are especially mundane, crass, and worst of all, ordinary. Chances are, if they weren't tearing another person's work to shreds they probably wouldn't have a purpose in life.

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