Saturday, June 5, 2010

Instigating phenomena

When speaking of rituals, be they ceremonial magic or otherwise, all I can say is Don't mock them until you've tried them. I believe that when they are executed properly they can indeed produce results that can be largely beneficial.
I, myself, have tried different ones on more than one occasion, always for the same reason: to instigate phenomena. In that sense, the end result is not so much something that you see per se, it is something that you feel. I laugh when I see all of these prime time shows claiming to be 'Ghosthunters' or something like that go in to an area supposedly haunted and trying to just 'see' something, when in truth it's always about what you feel. And you should feel exhilarated, not fearful.
Whenever I conduct a ritual, it's always by candlelight. I feel that it adds to the aura of mystery and naturally adds to the supernatural effect.
I include such aspects of the Occult in many of my short stories and I have studied many ancient cultures that used the art of ritual in their daily lives. The Egyptians and the Romans are, by far, my favorite. And I truly believe that any ritual will work accordingly to the amount of belief put into it.

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