Monday, June 28, 2010

Geographic preferences

Believe it or not, I have a preference for which nations I want my writing to appeal to. I mean all nations on the Earth would be fine by me but, realistically, this might not be the case. Some countries really are more literate than others. Take my own country for example, U.S.A, this is a country whose literacy rate is lower than that of third world countries so when you consider that, than you realize that if your to be successful as a writer here your success is going to be limited.
I really want my works to be noticed in Europe first. Their haunted history and love of all things Gothic make them a prime candidate. Plus, they still love the written word and have a high literacy rate. Japan would be my second choice. The Japanese people love and adore all things they consider to be unique. And they absolutely love horror stories and imagery as well. When one finds success in Japan it is usually not moderate, but explosive! My third choice would definitely be Brazil(and pretty much the rest of South America). The Brazilians, from what I've seen of them, cant get enough of Horror, Heavy Metal music, and insane stuff in general. My kind of people! I usually daydream about how book signings would be in such places and I can almost guarantee that my chances of success as a writer would be much higher there.

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