Thursday, June 10, 2010

Disappointing contemporaries

I remember walking through the book section of a popular department store one day, and as I was walking I stopped to see the horror books they had on display. Needless to say that, aside from some decent-looking covers, they were beyond disappointing. I always find it rather sad that the only writers receiving any publicity nowadays are the ones that try to generally please the masses. Horror writers are no exception.
I find it equally ridiculous that some of their material is even considered horror when in truth it is usually romance and mystery tinged. Some even go as far as to add comedy to their works as well. Comedy has no place in the violent abyss of what is supposed to be Horror! Can you imagine such Blasphemy!
Since all the greats have long since passed, it is truly a shame that others have not dutifully carried on their works. But, perhaps, that is where I come in. Most of my stories have within them such wickedness that it even makes me wonder 'How on Earth did this come to fruition'. Such work is a pleasure indeed.

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