Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What is Greatness?

What truly is greatness? I ask myself this very question on a consistent basis. Is it monetary success? Having people admire your work? Or is it something that is within you that only you can feel? Everyone probably has a different view of it, as everyone sees or senses it through different things. Being a writer, I only apply how I see it through literature. I believe the only people that have achieved greatness in this field have long since passed. And while I see several people trying to achieve it today, they just don't have the magic those of long ago possessed. Today I think writers are solely interested in fame and fortune and not substance at all. You can easily observe this fact when reading any of their work. It is based on the 'selling' formula, if you will, that everyone has been force fed for years. Sure, they might sell a lot of books. They might even get themselves an interview on a popular talk show. But, they are losing the true essence of being a writer which is to create something interesting and thought provoking. To 'move' someone with their words. The greats of the past could easily accomplish this feat. The writers of today are a lot of things, but not for one second would I call them 'Great'!

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