Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Serious or not?

In my life, I have seen several people talk and act as though they were serious about accomplishing a goal, any goal. But, when it came right down to it, they nothing more than empty words. I personally believe that if your not willing to go to any lengths to succeed at what you set out to do in life than you have no business talking about it at all. Even to this day I still see people talk about this or that, and put plenty of wiry emotion into what they are saying, but the results they achieve are next to nothing. And these same people, who always make excuses about why they never get anything(and I mean anything!)done always have ample time it seems to waste abusing substances, watching extraordinary hours of television, chatting online or playing video games. Such people make me laugh.
If your truly serious about something, you will find the means to make what it is that you want happen. When it comes to writers, I have heard every excuse in the world. "I can't afford the publishing fees." "No one wants to read my work." "I don't have the time to fit everything into my schedule." and so on. Excuses don't get anyone anywhere. If you are truly serious, you will find a way. I, myself, am still having trouble marketing my work, but I still press on knowing that that I got myself this far, and I will get myself to the final destination, success!

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